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χάζω ,
A.cause to retire; Act. only in Hsch. and in compd. ἀναχάζω (also “παραχάζω, προχάζωHsch.), and in Ep. redupl. aor. κέκα^δον, fut. κεκα^δήσω:—force to retire from, bereave or deprive of,τοὺς . . θυμοῦ καὶ ψυχῆς κεκαδώνIl.11.334; “ἀριστῆας κεκαδήσει θυμοῦ καὶ ψυχῆςOd.21.153,170.
B. Med., χάζομαι , Il.5.34, etc.; imper. χάζεο, χάζευ, ib.440, Call.Cer.54: Ep. impf. “χάζετοIl.16.736, 3 du. “χαζέσθηνA.R.3.1320: fut. χάσομαι, Ep. “χάσσομαιIl.13.153: aor. 1 ἐχα^σάμην, Ep. 3sg. χάσσατο ib.193, inf. “χάσσασθαι12.172; part. “χασσάμενος13.148, etc.: κεκάδοντο (for κεχάδοντο) 3pl. of redupl. aor. 2 κεκαδόμην, Il.4.497, 15.574:—give way, draw or shrink back, recoil, freq. in Il. (never in Od.), “χάζεοIl.5.440; “ δὲ χασσάμενος πελεμίχθη4.535; οὐδ᾽ γεπάμπαν χάζετ᾽12.407; “ἂψ δ᾽ ἑτάρων εἰς ἔθνος ἐχάζετο3.32, al.; “αἰὲν ὀπίσσω χάζοντο5.702, cf. 18.160, A.R. l.c., Call. l.c., Nonn.D.48.618.
2. c. gen., draw back or retire from,πυλάων χάσσασθαιIl.12.172; “χάζοντο κελεύθου11.504; “χάζεσθε μάχης15.426; “μίνυνθα δὲ χάζετο δουρός11.539; “ δὲ χάσσατ᾽ ὀπίσσω νεκρῶν13.193, cf. 17.357; less freq. with a Prep., “χ. ἐκ βελέων16.122; “χάσσονται ὑπ᾽ ἔγχεος13.153; οὐδὲ δὴν χάζετο φωτός nor in truth was he (or it, the stone) far from the man, i.e. nearly hit him, 16.736. Poet., and mainly Ep., exc. in the compds. ἀνα-, δια-χάζομαι (qq. vv.).—οὐχ ἅζομαι, οὐχ ἅζεται (not οὐ χάζ-), shd. be written in E.Or.1116, Alc. 326, A.Eu.389.
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