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χορ-εύω , fut.
A.-σωE.Ba.195, etc.: aor. “ἐχόρευσαId.Cyc.156, etc.: pf. “κεχόρευκαPl.Lg.654b:—Med., in same sense, E.Ion 1084 (lyr.): fut. “-εύσομαιA.Ag.31: aor. “ἐχορευσάμηνAr.Th.103 (lyr.), (ἐξ-) E.Hel. 381 (lyr.):—Pass., aor. ἐχορεύθην, pf. κεχόρευμαι, v. infr. 11:—dance a round or choral dance, Pi.Fr.116, Epich.109, S.Aj.701 (lyr.), etc.; esp. of the Dionysiac chorus or dance, E.Cyc.156, Ba.21, 184,207, etc.: hence, take part in the chorus, regarded as a matter of religion, “εἰ γὰρ αἱ τοιαίδε πράξεις τίμιαι, τί δεῖ με χορεύειν;S.OT896 (lyr.); to be one of a chorus, Ar.Ra.390 (lyr.), interpol. in D.18.265; considered as a high honour by Athenian citizens, Id.39.16,23; “τὸ παλαιὸν οἱ ἐλεύθεροι ἐχόρευονArist.Pr.918b21; not allowed to foreigners, Plu.Phoc.30: c. dat. pers., dance to him, in his honour,ΒακχίῳE.Ba.195, cf. X.Eq.Mag.3.2; “περί τιναPl.Euthd.277e; “ἀμφὶ σὰν κιθάρανE.Alc.582 (lyr.); ἐπὶ Κυρβάντεσι perh. in their train, S.Fr.862 (lyr.).
3. metaph., Practise dancing in the chorus, hence practise a thing, be versed in it, “ἔν τινιPl. Tht.173c, cf. Lg.654b.
4. of any circling motion, as of the heavenly bodies, “ἀνεχόρευσεν αἰθήρ, χορεύει δὲ ΣελάναE.Ion1080 (lyr.), cf. Ba.114 (lyr.); so of a cup, “δέπας μεστόν, κύκλῳ χορεῦονAntiph.237.3.
II. c. acc. cogn., “χορείας χ.Pl.Lg.942d, Epin. 982e; φροίμιον χορεύσομαι I will dance a prelude, A.Ag.31; χ. γάμους to celebrate them, E.IA1057 (lyr.); “ὄργια ΜουσῶνAr.Ra.356 (anap.); “ἀγῶναςPlb.4.20.9:—Pass., κεχόρευται ἡμῖν (sings the Chorus) our part is played, Ar.Nu.1510 (anap.); “τὰ χορευθένταthings represented in mimic dance, Pl.Lg.655d.
2. trans., celebrate in choral dance,ΦοῖβονPi.I.1.7, cf. S.Ant.1153 (lyr.), E.HF 871 (troch.); so Med., Id.Ion 1084 (lyr.):—Pass., to be celebrated in choral dance,πρὸς ἡμῶνS.OT1093 (lyr.), cf. E.Ion463 (lyr.).
3. Pass., also, to be filled with dances in honour of, c. dat., “ἄστεα διφρηλάτᾳ πάντα δι᾽ ἀνακτόρων Ἴσιδι χορεύεταιLyr.Alex.Adesp.36.19.
III. Causal, set one dancing, rouse to the dance, τινα E.HF686 (lyr.); πόδα χορεύσας, of spreading ivy, AP11.33 (Phil.); δ᾽ αὐλὸς ὕστερον χορευέτω Pratin.Lyr.1.7:—metaph. in Pass., “μανίαισιν Λύσσας χορευθέντ᾽ ἀναύλοιςE.HF879 (lyr.).
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