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ψεύδω , S.Ant.389, etc.: fut.
A.ψεύσωId.OC628, X.Cyr.1.5.13: aor. “ἔψευσαA.Pers.472, Plb.18.11.11, etc.:—Pass., fut. “ψευσθήσομαιS.Tr.712, Gal.15.143: aor. “ἐψεύσθηνHdt.1.141, etc.: pf. ἔψευσμαι (v. infr.); imper. “ἐψεύσθωAeschin.1.162:—cheat by lies, beguile, τινα S.OC628, etc.:—Pass., to be cheated, deceived, A.Ch.759, etc.; εἰ μὴ πολύ γε ἔψευσμαι unless I am much deceived, Antipho 3.2.1.
3. in Pass., also, to be deceived, mistaken in or about a thing, ἐψευσμένοι γνώμης deceived in their judgement, mistaken in opinion, Hdt.8.40, cf. S.Tr. 712 (also “ψευσθῆναι γνώμῃHdt.7.9.γ́; ἐψευσμένοι τῆς Ἀθηναίων δυνάμεως deceived or mistaken in their notions of the Athenian power, Th.4.108; πολλῶν ἐψεύσθητε τῆς οὐσίας you have often had a mistaken idea of a man's wealth, Lys.19.45; “τούτου οὐκ ἐψεύσθηνPl.Ap.22d; “ἐψεῦσθαι τῆς ἀληθείαςId.R.413a; “τῆς ὥραςAnd.1.38; “ἐψευσμένοι τῶν ὄντωνPl.Tht.195a; ἐψεῦσθαι ἑαυτῶν, opp. εἰδέναι ἑαυτούς, X.Mem.4.2.26; also “ψευσθῆναι ἔν τισιHdt.9.48; “περί τινοςX.An.2.6.28, Pl.Prt.358c: also c. acc., “ἐψεύσθη τοῦτοX.An.1.8.11, etc.; αὐτοὺς ἐψευσμένη Ἑλλάς deceived in its estimate of them, Th.6.17 (where αὐτοὺς is prob. corrupt, and shd. perh. be omitted): c. acc. cogn., εὐτυχέστατον ψεῦσμα ἐψευσμένος most happily deceived or mistaken, Pl.Men.71d: more rarely in Act., καί μ᾽ ἔψευσας ἐλπίδος πολύ thou hast much belied my expectation, i.e. turned out better than I feared, S.Aj.1382.
4. of statements, to be untrue, τρίτη τῶν ὁδῶν μάλιστα ἔψευσται the third mode of explanation is most untrue, most mistaken, Hdt.2.22.
II. c. acc. rei, like ψευδοποιέω 11, represent a thing as a lie, falsify,ψεύδοντες οὐδὲν σῆμα τῶν προκειμένωνS.OC1512 (prob. for σημάτων; ψεύδει ᾿πίνοια τὴν γνώμην afterthought gives opinion the lie, Id.Ant.389:— Pass., ἢν τάδε ψευσθῇ λέγων if his word prove (lit. be proved) false, Id.Ph.1342; ψευσθεῖσα ὑπόσχεσις the promise broken, Th.3.66; “πάντα πρὸς ὑμᾶς ἔψευσταιhave been falsely reported, D.52.23; in E.Andr.346 for ἀλλὰ ψεύσεται it will be falsely said, Porson's correction ἐψεύσεται is probable (πεύσεται Kiehl).
B. earlier and more common ψεύδομαι , imper. “ψεύδεοIl.4.404 (the Act. is very rare in Att. Prose): fut. “ψεύσομαιHom., Pi., Att.: aor ἐψευσάμην, v. infr.: fut. 2 ἐψεύσομαι (will have made a false statement) Gal.15.137(s. v.l.): pf. “ἔψευσμαιX.An.1.3.10.
2. c. inf., say falsely, pretend that . . , Plu.2.506d.
4. to be false or faithless, to be perjured or forsworn, Hes.Op.283.
5. ψευδόμενος, the Liar, name of a fallacy or logical puzzle invented by Eubulides, a disciple of Euclides of Megara, Thphr. ap. D.L.2.108, cf. Chrysipp.Stoic.2.92 (ψευδόμενος is an interpolation in “ σοφιστικὸς λόγος ψ.Arist.EN1146a22).
II. like Act. 11, belie, falsify, ὅρκια ψεύσασθαι break them, Il.7.352; so “συνθήκας ψ.X.Ages.1.12; “γάμουςE.Ba. 31,245; so in plpf., “ἔψευστο τὴν ξυμμαχίανTh.5.83; so also οὐκ ἐψεύσαντο τὰς ἀπειλάς they did not belie, i.e. they made good, their threats, Hdt.6.32; τὰ χρήματα . . ἐψευσμένοι ἦσαν had broken their word about the money, X.An.5.6.35.
III. like Act. 1, deceive by lies, cheat,Αοξίαν ἐψευσάμηνA.Ag.1208, cf. X.HG3.1.25; also ψ. τινά τι deceive one in a thing, S.OC1145, E.Alc.808; ἅπερ αὐτὸν οὐ ψεύσομαι and therein I will not disappoint him (ironical), i.e. I will carry out my threat, And.1.123; τῶν ἔργων ὧν ἂν τὸν ἐκδόντα ψεύσηται ὧν being in gen. by attraction) Pl.Lg.921a.
IV. of combinations of words, make a false statement, Arist.Int.16a3.
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