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ζέω , contr. 3sg. ζεῖ even in Il.21.362; later Ep. ζείω Call.Dian. 60, subj. ζείῃσι Epic. in Arch.Pap.7p.7; in late Prose ζέννυμι (q.v.): impf.
A.ζέεIl.21.365, “ἔζεεHes.Th.695, “ἔζειS.OC434: fut. ζέσω ἐξανα-) A.Pr.372: aor. “ἔζεσαHdt.7.188, cf. ἐπιζέω; Ep. “ζέσσαIl.18.349:—Pass., aor. ἐζέσθην ἀπ-) Dsc.1.3, (ἐν-) Aret.CA1.2: pf. “ἔζεσμαιGp.10.54.3:—boil, seethe, of water, “ἐπεὶ δὴ ζέσσεν ὕδωρ ἐνὶ ἤνοπι χαλκῷIl.18.349, Od.10.360; ὡς δὲ λέβης ζεῖ ἔνδον as the kettle boils, Il.21.362, cf. E.Cyc.343; rarely of solids, to be fiery hot, “χθὼν ἔζεεHes.Th.695,847; “χαλκόςCall. l.c.
2. ferment, Hp.VM11; “γλεύκους ζέοντοςDsc.5.8.
3. metaph., boil or bubble up, “τῆς θαλάσσης ζεσάσηςHdt.7.188; “αἷμα διὰ χρωτὸς ζέσσ᾽AP7.208 (Anyte); “οἶνος ζεῖPl.Lg.773d.
b. of passion, “ὁπηνίκ᾽ ἔζει θυμόςS.OC434, cf. Pl.R.440c, etc.; “τὸ ζέον τῆς μάχηςHld.1.33.
4. c. gen., boil up or over with a thing, “λίμνη ζέουσα ὕδατος καὶ πηλοῦPl.Phd.113a; πίθος ζ. [οἴνου] Thphr.HP9.17.3; πεδία ζείοντ᾽ Ἀγαρηνῶν boiling, teeming with . . , APl.4.39 (Arab.); of persons, “ζ. σκωλήκωνLuc.Alex.59: c. dat., “ζ. φθειρίId.Sat.26; “ζ. φλογμῷLyc.690; “θάλαττα αἵυατι καὶ ῥοθίῳ ζέουσαAristid.1.142J.
2. exhale, ἀϋτμήν (v.l. -μῇ) A.R.1.734. (ζές)-ω, cf. ζεσ-τός, Skt. yásati 'boil', OHG.jësan 'ferment', 'foam', Engl. yeast.
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