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ζών-η , , (ζώννυμι)
A.belt, girdle:
I. prop. the lower girdle worn by women just above the hips, “περὶ δὲ ζώνην βάλετ᾽ ἰξυῖOd.5.231, 10.544, cf. Il.14.181, Hdt.1.51, etc.—Phrases:
1. λῦσε δὲ παρθενίην ζ. unloosed her maiden girdle, of the bridegroom, Od.11.245, cf. Lyr. Alex.Adesp.11.18, Plu.Lyc.15:—Med., of the bride, “μούνῳ ἑνὶ ζώναν ἀνέρι λυσαμέναAP7.324 (hence ζώνη, abs., of marriage, E.IT204 (lyr.); of sexual intercourse, Philostr.VA7.6): but also,
b. ζ. λῦσαι to loose the girdle for childbirth, Hyp.Fr.67; later λύσασθαι or ἀπολύσασθαι, Call.Del.209, Opp.C.3.56; so “ζώναν κατατίθεσθαιPi.O.6.39.
c. of men on a march, ζ. λύσασθαι to slacken one's belt, i.e. rest oneself, Hdt.8.120; “ζ. ἀναλύεσθαιCall.Del.237.
3. prov., εἰς ζώνην δεδόσθαι to be given for girdle-money (as we should say, pinmoney), of Oriental queens who had cities given them for their small expenses, X.An.1.4.9; “ἣν [χώραν] καλεῖν . . ζ. τῆς βασιλέως γυναικόςPl.Alc.1.123b.
II. man's belt (more freq. ζωστήρ, ζ. τοῦ Ὠρίωνος the three stars that form the belt of Orion. Arist.Mete. 343b24; the belt of barbarians, in which they wore the dagger, X.An.1.6.10, 4.7.16, Theopomp.Hist.39a, Luc.Anach.33, Pl.Hp.Mi. 368c.
b. belt used as a purse, PRyl.127.32(i A.D.), Ev.Matt.10.9, Plu.2.665b; “ζ. χρυσίονLuc.Fug.31.
2. part round which the girdle passed, waist, “Ἄρεϊ ζώνην ἴκελοςIl.2.479 (misunderstood by Paus.9.17.3), cf. Il.11.234, Orph.Fr.168.28, Hp. ap. Erot. (also expld. as = ὀσφύς).
3. = Lat. cingulum, belt worn by Roman civil and military officers, [Demod.]5; = ἀξίωμα, Suid.; οἱ ὑπὸ ζώνην soldiers, Anon. ap. eund.s.v. αὐθεντήσαντα, cf. Cod.Just., 11, Just.Edict. 13.26, PLond.5.1680.21 (vi A.D.).
III. anything that goes round like a belt, Plu.2.935a, Luc.Musc.Enc.3; of the girdle of ocean, Porph. Chr.69.
2. one of the zones of the terrestrial sphere, Stoic.2.195, Posidon. ap. Str.2.2.2, Placit.2.12.1 (pl.), etc.; ζ. διακεκαυμένη, εὔκρατος, Str.1.2.24, 1.4.6.
b. one of the planetary spheres, “οἱ μὲν [τῶν πλανητῶν] ὑψηλὴν ζ. φέρονται οἱ δὲ ταπεινήνDiog.Oen.8, cf. Vett.Val.26.18, Corp.Herm.1.25.
c. Astrol.,= ζῴδιον, Ptol.186.
3. in Archit.,= διάζωμα, frieze, Paus.5.10.5.
4. Lat.zona, in Medic., shingles, Scrib.Larg.63, 247; cf. “ζωστήρ111.3.
5. stripes on fish, Ael.NA3.28,al.
IV. pl., an order of divine beings presiding over, or engirdled with cosmic zones, opp. ἄζωνοι, Dam.Pr.96, Prm.p.494S.
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