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ζώννυ_μι (
A.ὑπο-ζωνύναιIG12.73.9), (παρα-) Pl.R.553c; ζωννύω Hp. Mul.1.68: impf. “ἐζώννυονEv.Jo.21.18: fut. “ζώσωLXXEx.29.9, Ev.Jo. l.c.: aor. 1 “ἔζωσαOd.18.76, Hp.Art.14: pf. “ἔζωκαPaus.8.40.2, (δι-) D.H.2.5:—Med. (v. infr. 11):—Pass., aor. 1 ἐζώσθην δι-) Thphr.Sign.22: pf. ἔζωμαι δι-) Th.1.6 ap. Phot., Suid. s.v. σέσωται, 3sg. ἔζωται δι-) IG22.1491.36, (ὑπ-) ib.1621.68, “ἔζωσταιHp.Art.l.c.; also in med. sense (v. infr.): rare in Att., even in compds.:—gird, esp. gird round the loins for a pugilistic conflict (v. infr.), “ἄγον ζώσαντες ἀνάγκῃOd.18.76 (here only Act. in Hom.); “ζῶσέ [μιν] . . ἈθήνηHes.Op.72; ζ. τινά hug him in wrestling, Paus.8.40.2; ζ. γαῖαν, of Ocean, AP9.778 (Phil.); ζ. νῆα ὅπλῳ,= “ὑποζώννυμι11, A.R.1.368: c. dupl. acc., “ζ. τινὰ ζώνηνLXX Le.8.7, cf. 1 Ki.17.39.
III. Pass., to be fixed by means of girths, LXX 1 Ma.6.37.
2. to be formed in belts or seams, καδμεία ἐζωσμένη ἐξωσμ- codd.) prob. in Ps.-Democr.Alch.p.45B. (cf. ζωνῖτις). (ζως)- from I.-E. yōs-, cf. Lith. júosti 'to gird', júostas, Avest. yāsta-,= ζωστός 'girt'.)
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