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ἀφίημι ι short in epic, except in augm. tenses: ι_ attic send forth, discharge, Lat. emittere, of missiles, Hom., etc.:—hence to let loose, utter, give vent to words, Hdt., Trag. let fall, Il. send forth an expedition, dispatch it, Hdt.: Pass., of troops, id=Hdt. give up or hand over to, τινι τί id=Hdt., attic:—Pass., Ἀττικὴ ἀπεῖτο ἤδη Hdt. send away, let go, loose, set free, Il., attic:—c. acc. pers. et gen. rei, to set free from a thing, let off from, Hdt.: in legal sense to release from an engagement, accusation, etc., ἀφ. τινὰ φόνου Dem. dissolve, disband, break up an army, Hdt.:— to dismiss the council or law-courts, Ar. put away, divorce, Hdt. let go as an ἄφετος, consecrate, Xen.
5.of things, to get rid of, δίψαν Il.; to shed its blossoms, of plants, Od.; to slacken its force, of a dart, Il.
6.ἀφ. πλοῖον ἐς . . to loose ship for a place, Hdt. legal sense, c. dat. pers. et acc. rei, ἀφ. τινὶ αἰτίην to remit him a charge or a fine, Hdt., Dem. leave alone, give up, let pass, neglect, Hdt., attic; foll. by a predicate, ἀφύλακτον ἀφ. to leave unguarded.
2.c. acc. et inf., ἀφ. τι δημόσιον εἶναι to give up to be public property, Thuc.; ἀφ. τὸ πλοῖον φέρεσθαι to let the boat be carried away, Hdt.
3.c. acc. pers. et inf. to let, suffer, permit one to do a thing, id=Hdt., Plat., etc.
IV.seemingly intr. (sub. στρατόν, ναῦς, etc.), to break up, march, sail, etc., Hdt.
B.Mid. to send forth from oneself, send forth, attic
2.δειρῆς ἀφίετο πήχεε she loosed her arms from off my neck.
3.c. gen. only, τέκνων ἀφοῦ let go hold of the children, Soph., Thuc.

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