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ἀνίημι For quantities, ἀνι epic, ἀνι_- attic; but Hom. has ἀνι_ει, ἀνι_έμενος. The forms ἀνιεῖς, -εῖ are formed as if they were from ἀνιέω. The Homeric forms in ἀνεσ- are created as if from ἀν-έζω. The Ionic form ἀνέωνται is formed as if from ἀν-εόω. send up or forth, Hom., etc.; of the earth, to make spring up, Hhymn.; of females, to produce, Soph.:— Pass. to be sent up, produced, Aesch., etc.; to send up from the grave or nether world, id=Aesch., etc. send back, put back, open, Hom., Eur. let go, leave, Hom., etc.; c. gen. rei, δεσμῶν ἀνίει loosed them from bonds, Od.: to let go unpunished, Xen.
2.ἀν. τινί to let loose at one, ἀν. κύνας, Lat. canes immittere, Xen.; hence, ἄφρονα τοῦτον ἀνέντες Il.: c. inf. to set on or urge to do a thing, Hom.
3.ἀν. τινὰ πρός τι to let go for any purpose, Hdt.; ἀν. τινὰ μανίας to set free from madness, Eur. let, allow one to do a thing, c. acc. et inf., Hdt., etc.: —so, ἀν. κόμην to let it hang, loosen, Eur.
5.Mid., c. acc., κόλπον ἀνιεμένη baring her breast, Il.; αἶγας ἀνιέμενοι flaying goats, Od. let go free, leave untilled, of ground dedicated to a god, Thuc.:—Pass. to devote oneself, give oneself up, Hdt.; of animals dedicated to a god, which are let range at large, id=Hdt.; esp. in perf. pass. part. ἀνειμένος, Soph., etc. slacken, relax, let down, unstring, Hdt., Plat.:—then, to remit, neglect, give up, Soph., Thuc., etc.:—Pass. to be treated remissly, Thuc. intr. in Act. to slacken, abate, of the wind, Soph., etc.; οὐδὲν ἀνιέναι not to give way at all, Xen.:—c. part. to give up or cease doing, ὕων οὐκ ἀνίει [ὁ θεός] Hdt.:—c. gen. to cease from a thing, Eur., Thuc.

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