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ἐφίστημι 1

A.Causal in pres., imperf., fut., and aor1: set or place upon, τί τινι Thuc.; τι ἐπί τινι Xen.: metaph., ἐφ. μοῖραν βίῳ Plat. set over, Lat. praeficere, ἐφ. τινὰ ὕπαρχόν τισι Hdt., etc. set up, establish, institute games, id=Hdt. stop, make halt, Lat. inhibere, Xen.: —absol., ἐπιστήσας (sc. ἑαυτόν, τὸν ἵππον) having halted, id=Xen.
VI.ἐφίστημι τὴν γνώμην κατά τι to fix one's mind upon it, attend to it, and then absol. to give attention, Arist.
2.c. acc. pers. to arrest the attention of, Plut.
B.intr. in Mid. and Pass., ἐφίσταμαι, aor1 ἐπεστάθην, with perf., plup. and aor2 act.:— to stand upon, πύργῳ, δίφρῳ, ἐπὶ βηλῷ Il. be imposed upon, τινι Soph. stand on the top or surface, τὸ ἐπιστάμενον τοῦ γάλακτος, i. e. cream, Hdt. be set over, Lat. praeesse, c. dat., Aesch., etc.; also c. gen., Hdt., Eur.:—absol. to be in authority, Hdt., etc. stand by or near, ἀλλήλοισι Il., etc.: of dreams or visions, to appear to, εὕδοντι ἐπέστη ὄνειρος Hdt. hostile sense, to stand against, oppose, Hom.: to come upon by surprise, Thuc.
3.of events, to impend, be at hand, Lat. instare, Κῆρες ἐφεστᾶσιν θανάτοιο Il.; πρίν μοι τύχη ἐπέστη Soph. halt, stop, as in a march, Xen.:— c. gen., ἐπ. τοῦ πλοῦ Thuc. fix one's mind on, give one's attention to, τινι Eur., Dem.
C.the aor1 mid. is used in causal sense, to set up, τὰς θύρας Xen.: to set, post, φρουρούς id=Xen.

1 ionic ἐπ-

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