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φεύγω Root ΦΥΓ φύζα perfect passive participle πεφυγμένος has active meaning. flee, take flight, run away, Il.;—with Preps., φ. ἀπό or ἔκ τινος Hom., etc.; rarely c. gen. only, πεφυγμένος ἦεν ἀέθλων Od.:—c. acc. cogn., φεύγειν φυγήν Eur.; (so, φυγῆι φ. Plat.); φ. τὴν παρὰ θάλασσαν (sc. ὁδόν) to flee toward the sea, Hdt.
2.the pres. and imperf. properly express the endeavour to flee: hence the part. φεύγων is added to the compd. Verbs ἀποφεύγω, ἐκφεύγω, προφεύγω, to distinguish the attempt from the accomplishment, βέλτερον, ὡς φεύγων προφύγηι κακὸν ἠὲ ἁλώηι it is better that one should flee and escape than stay and be caught, Il.; φεύγων ἐκφ. Hdt., etc.
3.φ. εἰς . . to have recourse to .. , take refuge in . . , Eur.
4.c. inf. to be shy of doing, shrink from doing, Hdt., Plat.; and with the inf. omitted, to shrink back, Soph.
II.c. acc. to flee from, to shun, avoid, Hom., etc.; φ. φόνον to flee the consequences of the murder, Eur.:—the part. perf. pass. also retains the acc. in Hom., who joins it with εἶναι or γενέσθαι πεφευγέναι, e. g. μοῖραν δ᾽ οὔτινά φημι πεφυγμένον ἔμμεναι I say that no man can escape his doom, Il.; πεφυγμένον ἄμμε γενέσθαι id=Il.
2.of things, ἡνίοχον φύγον ἡνία the reins escaped from his hands, id=Il. flee one's country for a crime, Hom.; οἱ φεύγοντες the exiles, Thuc.; φ. πατρίδα Od.
2.φ. ὑπό τινος to be banished by him, Hdt., Xen.:—absol. to go into exile, be an exile, Lat. exulare, Hdt. attic law-term, to be accused or prosecuted: φεύγων the accused, defendant, Lat. reus, opp. to διώκων the accuser, prosecutor, Ar., Oratt.; c. acc., φ. γραφήν or δίκην to be put on one's trial for something, Ar., Plat.; the crime being added in gen., φ. φόνου (sub. δίκην) to be charged with murder, Lys., etc.; φ. ἀσεβείας ὑπό τινος is accused of impiety by some one, Plat.

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