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φίλος 1 ι short: but voc. φίλε with ι_ in Hom.

I.pass. loved, beloved, dear, Lat. amicus, carus, Hom., etc.; c. dat. dear to one, id=Hom.; voc. φίλε may be used with neut. nouns, φίλε τέκνον Od.; a gen. was sometimes added to the voc., φίλ᾽ ἀνδρῶν Theocr.; φίλα γυναικῶν Eur.:—often as Subst., φίλος, a friend, Hom.:—proverb., ἔστιν φ. ἄλλος αὐτός a friend is another self, Arist.; κοινὰ τὰ τῶν φίλων Plat.:—so in fem. φίλη, a dear one, friend, Lat. amica, Hom., attic:— φίλον, ου, an object of love, Soph.; τὰ φίλτατα one's nearest and dearest, such as wife and children, Trag.
2.of things, dear, pleasant, welcome, Hom.:—as predic., φίλον ἐστί or γίγνεταί μοι 'tis dear to me, pleases me, Lat. cordi est, id=Hom., Hdt., etc.; εἰ τόδ᾽ αὐτῷ φίλον κεκλημένῳ if it please him to be so called, Aesch. Poets, φίλος is used of one's own limbs, life, etc., φίλον δ᾽ ἐξαίνυτο θυμόν he took away dear life, Il.; φίλον ἦτορ, φίλα γούνατα, πατὴρ φίλος, φίλη ἄλοχος Hom.; φίλην ἄγεσθαι to take as his own wife, Il. act. sense, like φίλιος, loving, friendly, Hom.; c. gen., φίλαν ξένων ἄρουραν friendly to strangers, Pind.; φίλα φρονέειν τινί to feel kindly, Il.; φ. ποιεῖσθαί τινι to make friends with one, Hdt.
III.adv. φίλως, φίλως χ᾽ ὁρόῳτε ye would fain see it, Il.; φ. ἐμοί in a manner dear or pleasing to me, Aesch.; φ. δέχεσθαί τινα Xen.
IV.φίλος has several forms of comparison:
1.comp. φιλίων [ι^], ον, Od.
2.comp. φίλτερος, Sup. φίλτατος, v. sub vocc.
3.comp. φιλαίτερος, Sup. φιλαίτατος, Xen., Theocr. attic μᾶλλον φίλος Aesch., etc.; Sup. μάλιστα φ. Xen.

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