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φρονέω 1 φρήν think, to have understanding, to be sage, wise, prudent, ἄριστοι μάχεσθαί τε φρονέειν τε best both in battle and counsel, Il.; τὸ μὴ φρονοῦν, of an infant, Aesch.; οἱ φρονοῦντες the wise, Soph.; τὸ φρονεῖν φρόνησις, wisdom, understanding, id=Soph.:—with Advs., εὖ φρονεῖν Hdt., Trag.; καλῶς φρ. Od., etc. be minded in a certain way, to mean, intend, purpose, c. inf., Il.; φρόνεον [ἰέναι] were minded to go, id=Il.:—absol., φρονῶν ἔπρασσον prudens faciebam, purposely, Soph.; τοῦτο φρονεῖ ἀγωγὴ ἡμῶν this is what your bringing us here means, Thuc.
2.with a neut. adj., φρ. τινί τι to be so and so minded towards him, πατρὶ φίλα φρονέων kindly minded towards him, Hom.; so, κακὰ φρονέουσι ἀλλήλοισιν Il.; so with Advs., εὖ φρονεῖν τινι (v. supr.) Od., etc.
3.without a dat., ἀγαθά or κακὰ φρ. Hom.; πυκνά or πυκινὰ φρ. to have wise thoughts, be cunningly minded, Od.; ἐφημέρια φρ. to think only of the passing day, id=Od.; θνητὰ φρ. Eur.; τυραννικὰ φρ. to have tyranny in mind, Ar.; ἀρχαϊκὰ φρ. to have old-fashioned notions, id=Ar.; esp., μέγα φρονεῖν to be high-minded, Il., Soph., etc.; in bad sense, to be presumptuous, conceited, pride oneself, ἐπί τινι on a thing, Plat., etc.; ἐφ᾽ ἑαυτῷ μέγα φρ. Thuc.; φρ. μεῖζον κατ᾽ ἄνδρα to have thoughts too high for man, Soph.; σμικρὸν φρ. to be low- minded, poor- spirited, id=Soph.; ἦσσον, ἔλασσον φρ. Eur., etc.; οὐ σμικρὸν φρ. ἔς τινα id=Eur.
4.τά τινος φρονεῖν to be of his mind, of his party, side with him, Hdt., etc.; φρ. τὰ Βρασίδου Ar.; —so ἶσον ἐμοὶ φρονέουσα thinking like me, Il.; τὰ αὐτά, κατὰ τωὐτὸ φρ. to be like- minded, Hdt. have a thing in one's mind, mind, take heed to a thing, Od., Aeschin., etc. be in possession of one's senses, to be sensible, be alive, ἔτι φρονέοντα, for ἔτι ζῶντα, Il.; ἐν τῷ φρονεῖν γὰρ μηδὲν ἥδιστος βίος Soph.:—also to be in one's senses, id=Soph.; φρονῶν οὐδὲν φρονεῖς though in thy wits thou'rt nothing wise, Eur.

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