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γίγνομαι γί-γνομαι is syncopated from γι-γένομαι, the Root being ΓΕΝ; cf. aor. 2 γενέσθαι, γένος, etc.; so Lat. gi-gno for gi-geno.

I.Radical sense, to come into being, Lat. gigni:
1.of persons, to be born, νέον γεγαώς new born, Od.; γεγονέναι ἔκ τινος Hdt.; more rarely ἀπό τινος id=Hdt.; τινος Eur.:—with Numerals, ἔτεα τρία καὶ δέκα γεγονώς, Lat. natus annos tredecim, Hdt., etc.
2.of things, to be produced, Plat., Xen., etc.:—of sums, γεγονὼς ἀριθμός the result or amount, Plat.
3.of events, to take place, come to pass, come on, happen, and in past tenses to be, Hom., etc.:— μὴ γένοιτο, Lat. quod dii prohibeant, Dem.:—c. dat. et part., γίγνεταί τί μοι βουλομένωι, ἀσμένωι I am glad at its being so, Thuc., etc.:—of sacrifices, omens, etc., to be favourable, id=Thuc., Xen.:—in neut. part., τὸ γενόμενον the event, the fact, Thuc.; τὰ γενόμενα the facts, Xen.; τὰ γεγενημένα former events, the past, id=Xen.; τὸ γενησόμενον the future, Thuc.:—of Time, ὡς τρίτη ἡμέρη ἐγένετο arrived, Hdt.
II.followed by a Predicate, to come into a certain state, to become, Lat. fieri, and (in past tenses), to be so and so, Hom., etc.; πάντα γιγνόμενος turning every way, Od.; so, παντοῖος γ. Hdt.; τί γένωμαι; what am I to become? i. e. what is to become of me? Aesch.; οὐκ ἔχοντες τι γένωνται Thuc.
2.with Adverbs, κακῶς ἐγένετό μοι it went ill with me, Hdt.; εὖ, καλῶς, γίγνεται it goes well, etc., Xen.
3.followed by oblique cases of Nouns,
a.c. gen., γ. τῶν δικαστέων to become one of the jurymen, Hdt., etc.:— to fall to the share of, belong to, νίκη γίγνεταί τινος Xen.:— to be master of, ἑαυτοῦ γ. Soph., etc.; γ. ἐντὸς ἑωϋτοῦ Hdt.:—of things, to be at, i. e. to cost, so much, c. gen. pretii, Ar.
b.with Preps., γ. ἀπὸ, or ἐκ δείπνου to be done supper, Hdt.; γ. εἰς τόπον to be at . . , id=Hdt.:—. γ. ἐξ ὀφθαλμῶν τινι to be out of sight, id=Hdt.; γ. ἐν τόπωι to be in a place, id=Hdt.; also, γ. ἐν ποιήσει to be engaged in poetry, id=Hdt., etc.; γ. δι᾽ ἔχθρας, δι᾽ ἔριδος γ. τινι to be at enmity with, Ar., etc.:— γ. ἐπί τινι to fall into or be in one's power, Xen.:— γ. μετά τινος to be on his side, id=Xen.:— γ. παρά τινα to come to one, Hdt.:— γ. πρὸς τόπωι to be at or near . . , Plat.: γ. πρός τινι to be engaged in . . , Dem.; πρός τι Plat.:— γ. πρὸ ὁδοῦ to be forward on the way, Il.

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