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ἵστημι for σίστημι, redupl. from ΣΤΑ

I.Causal Tenses, to make to stand, Lat. sisto,
II.intr. to stand, Lat. sto,
A.Causal, to make to stand, set, Hom., etc.:— to set men in array, post them, Il., Xen. make to stand, stop, stay, check, Hom., etc.; στῆσαι τὴν φάλαγγα to halt it, Xen.; στ. τὰ ὄμματα to fix them, of a dying man, Plat.; . τὸ πρόσωπον, Lat. componere vultum, Xen. set up, ἱστ. ἱστόν to set up the loom, or to raise the mast, Hom.; to raise buildings, statues, trophies, etc., Hdt., attic; ἱστάναι τινὰ χαλκοῦν to set him up in brass, raise a brasen statue to him, Dem. raise, rouse, stir up, Hom., etc.; φυλόπιδα στήσειν to stir up strife, Od.; in aor1 mid., στήσασθαι μάχην id=Od. set up, appoint, τινὰ βασιλέα Hdt.; Pass., σταθεὶς ὕπαρχος id=Hdt. establish, institute a festival, id=Hdt., attic place in the balance, weigh, Il., etc.; ἱστάναι τι πρός τι to weigh one thing against another, Hdt.
B.Pass. and intr. tenses of Act. to be set or placed, to stand, Hom.:—often merely for εἶναι, to be there, Od., etc.; with an adv. to be in a certain state or condition, ἵνα χρείας ἕσταμεν in what a state of need we are, Soph., etc. lie, be situated, Thuc. stand still, stop, halt, Hom.: to stand idle, Il.: to stop, cease, be at rest, id=Il.
2.metaph. to stand firm, Xen. stand up, rise up, Il.; of a horse, ἵστασθαι ὀρθός to rear up, Hdt. arise, begin, Il. marking Time, ἔαρος ἱσταμένοιο as spring was beginning, Od.; ἕβδομος ἑστήκει μείς the seventh month began, Il.; τοῦ μὲν φθίνοντος μηνός, τοῦ δ᾽ ἱσταμένοιο as one month ends and the next begins, Od.; the month in Hom. being divided into two parts, ἱστάμενος and φθίνων; but in the attic Calendar, it fell into three decads, ἱστάμενος, μεσῶν, φθίνων, Hdt., Thuc. be appointed, στῆναι ἐς ἀρχήν Hdt.

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