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καθίστημι Causal sense; of Act., pres., imperf., fut.; of Mid., the aor1, and sometimes pres.:— to set down, place, Il.; νῆα κατάστησον stop it, bring it to land, Od.; κ. δίφρον to station it, before starting for the race, Soph.:—Mid., [λαῖφος] κατεστήσαντο steadied the sails, Hhymn. bring down to a place, Od., etc.:— to restore, ἐς φῶς σὸν κατ. βίον Eur.:—Pass., οὐκ ἂν χάρις καθίσταιτο would not be returned, Thuc. bring before a magistrate or king, Hdt.
II.of soldiers, to set in order, to set as guards, Xen. ordain, appoint, Hdt., etc.:—in aor1 mid. to appoint for oneself, establish, institute, Hdt., Aesch.
b.esp. of political constitutions, to settle, establish, νόμους Eur., etc.; κατ. πολιτείαν, Lat. constituere rempublicam, Plat., etc.:— so in Mid., φρούρημα γῆς καθίσταμαι Aesch.; καθίστατο τὰ περὶ τὴν Μιτυλήνην Thuc. bring into a certain state, κατ. δῆμον ἐς μοναρχίαν Eur.; κ. τινὰ ἐς ἀπόνοιαν, ἐς φόβον, ἐς ἀπορίαν Thuc.; so, κ. τοὺς φίλους ἐν ἀκινδύνῳ Xen.:—also, κ. ἑαυτὸν ἐς κρίσιν to present himself for trial, Thuc. make or render so and so, κ. τινα ψευδῆ Soph.; ἄπιστον Thuc.:—rarely c. inf., καθ. τινὰ φεύγειν to make him fly, id=Thuc.:—Mid., τὴν ναυμαχίαν πεζομαχίαν καθίστασθαι id=Thuc.
5.τὴν ζόην καταστήσασθαι ἀπ᾽ ἔργων ἀνοσιωτάτων to get one's living by most unhallowed deeds, Hdt. make, continue, Aesch.; so in Mid., id=Aesch.
B.intr. in aor2, perf., and plup. of Act. (also in fut. καθεστήξω), and in all tenses of Mid. (except aor. 1), and all of Pass.:— to be set, set oneself down, settle, arrive, ἐς τόπον Hdt., Soph. come before another, stand in his presence, Hdt.; καταστὰς ἐπὶ τὸ πλῆθος ἔλεγε Thuc. be set as guard, Hdt., etc.: to be appointed, Eur., etc. stand quiet, be calm, of water, Ar.; so, πνεῦμα καθεστηκός id=Ar.; θόρυβος κατέστη abated, Hdt.; so, of persons, καταστάς composedly, Aesch.; καθεστηκυῖα ἡλικία middle age, Thuc. perf. to come into a certain state, to become, and in aor2 and plup. to be, Hdt., etc.; καταστάντων εὖ τῶν πρηγμάτων being in a good state, id=Hdt.; τίνι τρόπῳ καθέστατε; in what case are ye? Soph.; ἀρξάμενος εὐθὺς καθισταμένου (sc. τοῦ πολέμου) from its first commencement, Thuc. be established or instituted, to prevail, exist, Hdt., etc.: in perf. part., existing, established, prevailing, τὸν νῦν κατεστεῶτα κόσμον id=Hdt.; οἱ καθεστῶτες νόμοι Soph.; τὰ καθεστῶτα the present state of life, id=Soph.; so, τὰ κατεστεῶτα, existing laws, customs, Hdt.
6.Pass. to stand against, oppose, Τιτήνεσσι κατέσταθεν Hes.

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