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κομίζω take care of, provide for, Hom.:— to receive hospitably, to entertain, Thuc.; more commonly in Mid., Hom.
2.of things, to mind, attend to, give heed to, id=Hom., etc.; ἔξω κομίζειν πηλοῦ πόδα to keep one's foot out of the mud, Aesch. carry away so as to preserve, carry home, carry safe away, Il., etc.; simply, to save, rescue, τινὰ ἐκ θανάτου Pind.; but, νεκρὸν κ. to carry out to burial, Soph., Eur. carry off as a prize or as booty, Il., Pind.:—Mid. to get for oneself, receive in full, acquire, gain, Soph., etc. carry, convey, bear, Hom., etc.:—Pass. to be conveyed, to journey, travel, Hdt.; εἴσω κομίζου get thee in, Aesch.; so in fut. and aor1 mid., κομιεύμεθα ἐς Σίριν Hdt., etc. bring to a place, bring hither, bring in, καρπὸν κ. to gather in corn, id=Hdt., etc.:—so in Mid., id=Hdt., Soph.; and perf. pass. in mid. sense, τοὺς καρποὺς κεκόμισθε you have reaped the fruits, Dem. conduct, escort, Soph., Plat., etc.; κ. ναῦς Thuc. get back, recover, Pind., Eur., Plat., etc.:—Mid. to get back for oneself, recover, Eur., Thuc.; κομίζεσθαι χρήματα to recover a debt, Dem.:—Pass. to come or go back, return, Hdt., attic Lat. affero, to bring, give, Aesch.

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