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μεθίημι 1 2 2 and 3 pers. μεθιεῖς, μεθιεῖ as if from μεθιέω 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 Generally, ι^ epic, ι_ attic

I.trans. to let go, let loose, release a prisoner, Il., etc.: to let a visitor depart, Od.: to dismiss a wife, Hdt.:—c. inf. to let one free to do as he will, allow one to do, id=Hdt.; so, ἐλεύθερον μ. τινά Eur.:—Pass. to be let go, dismissed, Hdt. give up, abandon, Il.:—metaph., εἴ με μεθείη ῥῖγος if the cold would but leave me, Od.
2.c. acc. rei, to let a thing go, let it fall, throw, τι ἐς ποταμόν id=Od., etc.:— also, μ. χόλον to let go, give up one's wrath, Hom.; so, Ἀχιλῆι μεθέμεν χόλον to put away anger in favour of Achilles, Il.; so, μ. καρδίας χόλον to put away anger from one's heart, Eur.; μ. ψυχήν to give up the ghost, id=Eur.:—of liquids, to let flow, let drop, Hdt., attic:—so, γλῶσσαν Περσίδα μ. to let drop, i. e. utter, Persian words, Hdt.:— μ. βλαστόν to let it shoot forth, id=Hdt.:— μ. βέλος to let it fly, discharge it, Soph.; μ. ξίφος ἐς γυναῖκα to plunge it into her, Eur. ; ναῒ μεθεῖναι (sc. ἱστία) to give the ship her way, Soph. relieve, κῆρ ἄχεος the heart from grief, Il. give up, resign, throw aside, id=Il., attic forgive one a fault, remit a debt, Hdt.; τόνδε κίνδυνον μεθείς excusing thee this peril, Eur.
II.intr. to relax one's energies (where ἑαυτόν may be supplied), to be slack, remiss, lukewarm, dally, Hom.: c. inf. to neglect to do, Il., Hdt., attic let, permit, μεθεῖσά μοι λέγειν having left it for me to speak, having allowed me, Soph.
2.c. gen. rei, to relax or cease from, πολέμοιο, μάχης Il., etc.; μέθιεν χόλοιο Τηλεμάχῳ [the suitors] ceased from wrath in deference to Telemachus, Od.
b.c. gen. pers. to abandon, neglect, Il.
3.c. part., κλαύσας μεθέηκε having wept he left off, id=Il.
III.the Mid. agrees in construction with the intr. Act., to free oneself from, let go one's hold of, c. gen., παιδὸς οὐ μεθήσομαι Eur., etc.;—the act. would be παῖδα οὐ μεθήσω.

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