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νέμω deal out, distribute, dispense, of meat and drink, Hom., etc.; of the gods, νέμει ὄλβον Ὀλύμπιος ἀνθρώποισιν Od.; μοῖραν ν. τινί to pay one due respect, Aesch., etc.:—Pass., ἐπὶ τοὺς Ἕλληνας νέμεται is freely bestowed upon them, Hdt.; κρέα νενεμημένα portions of meat, Xen.
II.Mid. to distribute among themselves, and so, to have as one's portion, possess, enjoy, Hom., etc. dwell in, inhabit, id=Hom.: absol. to dwell, Hdt. spend, pass, αἰῶνα, ἡμέραν Pind.
III.Act. much like Mid. to hold, possess, γῆν, χώραν, πόλιν Hdt., attic:—Pass., of places, to be inhabited, Hdt.; of a country, to maintain itself, be constituted, Thuc. hold sway, manage, Hdt., Aesch.:— ν. οἴακα to manage the helm, Aesch.; ν. ἰσχὺν ἐπὶ σκήπτροισι to support one's strength on staves, id=Aesch.; ν. γλῶσσαν to use the tongue, id=Aesch. νομίζω, to hold, consider as so and so, σὲ νέμω θεόν Soph.; προστάτην ν. τινά to take as one's patron, Arist.
B.of herdsmen, to pasture or graze their flocks, drive to pasture, tend, Lat. pascere, Od., Hdt., attic, etc.:—metaph., ν. χόλον Soph.
2.Mid., of cattle, to feed, i. e. go to pasture, graze, Lat. pasci, Hom., etc.: c. acc. cogn. to feed on, Hdt., etc.; of men, to eat, Soph.; of fire, to consume, devour, Il., etc.; of cancerous sores, to spread, ἐνέμετο πρόσω Hdt.
II.c. acc. loci, ὄρη νέμειν to graze the hills [with cattle], Xen.: Pass., [τὸ ὄρος] νέμεται βουσί Xen.
2.metaph., πυρὶ νέμειν πόλιν to give a city to the flames, Hdt.: Pass., πυρὶ χθὼν νέμεται the land is devoured by fire, Il.

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