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ὅσος like Lat.

I.quantus, of Size, as great as, how great; of Quantity, as much as, how much; of Space, as far as, how far; of Time, as long as, how long; of Number, as many as, how many; of Sound, as loud as, how loud; in pl. as many as, Lat. quot:—its antecedent is τόσος, after which ὅσος is simply as; τόσσον χρόνον, ὅσσον ἄνωγας so long time as thou dost order, Il.:—often the antec. is omitted, φωνὴ ὅση σκύλακος Od.
2.with τις, to denote indefinite size or number, ὅσον τι δένδρον Hdt., etc.
3.with Adjs. expressing Quantity, ὄχλος ὑπερφυὴς ὅσος prodigiously large, Ar.; θαυμαστὸν ὅσον διαφέρει differs amazingly, Plat.;—so in Lat. mirum quantum, immane quantum.
4.with Sup., ὅσα πλεῖστα the most possible, Hdt., etc.; v. infr. III. 4.
5.c. inf. so much as is enough, ὅσον ἀποζῆν enough to live off, Thuc.; ὅσον δοκεῖν enough for appearance, Soph.
6.with ind., ὅσσον ἔγωγε γιγνώσκω so far as I know, Il.; ὅσονπερ σθένω Soph., etc.
II.followed by Particles: ὅσος ἄν how great soever, with Subjunct., Hom., etc.
2.ὅσος δή how much, ἐπὶ μισθῷ ὅσῳ δή for payment of a certain amount, Hdt.:— ὁσοσοῦν, ionic -ῶν, ever so small, id=Hdt.
III.ὅσον and ὅσα as adv.: far, how much, ἴστε ὅσσον περιβάλλετον ἵπποι ye know how much they excel, Il.;—with Adjs. how, ὅσον μέγα Hes., etc.
2.only so far as, only just, ὅσον ἐς Σκαιάς τε πύλας καὶ φηγὸν ἵκανεν Il.; εἰ μὴ ὅσον γραφῇ except only by a picture, Hdt. reference to distances, ὅσον τε, about, nearly, ὅσον τ᾽ ὄργυιαν Od.; ὅσον τε δέκα στάδια Hdt.
4.with Adjs., ὅσσον βασιλεύτερός εἰμι so far as, inasmuch as I am a greater king, Il.; ὅσον εἰμὶ κάρτιστος how I am far the strongest, id=Il.: —so with Advs., ὅσον τάχιστα attic; ὅσον μάλιστα Aesch.
5.with negatives, ὅσον οὐ or ὁσονού, Lat. tantum non, only not, all but, Thuc.; ὅσον οὐκ ἤδη immediately, Eur.: οὐχ ὅσον οὐκ ἠμύναντο, ἀλλ᾽ not only did they not avenge themselves, Thuc.:— ὅσον μή so far as not, save or except so far as, ὅσον γε μὴ ποτιψαύων so far as I can without touching . . , Soph., etc.
2.ὅσῳ with comp. when followed by another comp. with τοσούτῳ, like Lat. quo or quanto melior, eo magis, ὅσῳ μᾶλλον πιστεύω, τοσούτῳ μᾶλλον ἀπορῶ Plat.
2.ἐν ὅσῳ, while, Ar., Thuc.

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