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I.Causal, to set in motion, urge or push on, spur on, cheer on, Il., Hdt., attic:—Pass., ὁρμηθεὶς θεοῦ inspired by the god, Od.; so, πρὸς θεῶν ὡρμημένος Soph.
2.with a thing as the object, to stir up, πόλεμον Od.:— Pass., ὡρμάθη πλαγά was inflicted, Soph.
II.intr. to make a start, hasten on,
1.c. inf., ὃς ὁρμήσῃ διώκειν who starts in chase, Il.; ὁσσάκι δ᾽ ὁρμήσειε πυλάων ἀντίον ἀΐξασθαι whenever he started to rush against the gates, id=Il.: to begin to do, Hdt., Soph.
2.c. gen. to rush headlong at one, Il.; so, ὁρμᾶν ἐπί τινα Hdt., etc.; εἴς τινα, κατά τινα Xen.; ἐπὶ τὸ σκοπεῖν id=Xen., etc.: also, ὁρμ. ἐς μάχην to hasten to battle, Aesch.; εἰς ἀγῶνα Eur.
3.absol. to start, begin, Plat.; αἱ μάλιστα ὁρμήσασαι [νῆες] the ships that had got the greatest start, Thuc.
B.Mid. and Pass., like intr. Act.:
1.c. inf., μὴ φεύγειν ὁρμήσωνται that they put not themselves in motion to flee, think of fleeing, Il.; so, διώκειν ὡρμήθησαν id=Il.; λόγος οὗτος ὡρμήθη λέγεσθαι this account began to be given, was taken in hand, Hdt.; but, λόγον, τὸν ὥρμητο λέγειν which he purposed to make, id=Hdt.; and with the inf. omitted, μενεήναμεν ὁρμηθέντε we eagerly desired, Od.
2.c. gen. to hasten after, Hom.; so, ὁρμᾶσθαι ἐπί τινι Od.; ἐπί τινα Soph., etc.:—rarely c. acc. loci, νερτέρας πλάκας id=Soph. start from, begin from, ἐνθεῦτεν ὁρμώμενοι going out from thence to do one's daily work, Hdt.; so of a general, to make a place his headquarters or base of operations, id=Hdt., Thuc.; so, ὁρμ. ἀπὸ Σάρδεων Xen.; ἀπ᾽ ἐλασσόνων ὁρμώμενος setting out, beginning, with smaller means, Thuc.
4.absol. to rush on, Hom.:—generally, to hasten, be eager, Aesch.: to go forth, τὸ φέγγος ὁρμάσθω πυρός id=Aesch.; ὕβρις ἀτάρβητος ὁρμᾶται insult goes fearless forth, Soph. a really pass. sense, πρὸς θεῶν ὡρμημένος incited by the gods, id=Soph.

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