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παρίημι 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 let drop beside or at the side, let fall, Soph., Eur.:—Pass., παρείθη ποτὶ γαῖαν it hung down to earth, Il. pass by, pass over, leave out, Lat. omitto, Hdt., Soph. pass unnoticed, disregard, let alone, Lat. praetermittere, Hdt., Aesch.; τὰ παθήματα παρεῖσ᾽ ἐάσω Soph.; so in Pass., πόθος παρεῖτο id=Soph.; παρεθῆναι Dem.
3.c.inf. to omit to do, Plat., etc.; and with a negat. repeated, μὴ παρῇς τὸ μὴ οὐ φράσαι Soph.
4.of Time, to let pass, τὸν χειμῶνα Hdt.; τὸν καιρόν Thuc. relax, slacken, remit, γόον, χόλον Eur.:—Pass. to be relaxed, weakened, exhausted, id=Eur.
2.τοῦ ποδὸς παριέναι to slack away the sheet, v. πούς II. 2; so metaph., τοῦ μετρίου παρείς letting go one's hold of moderation, i. e. giving it up, Soph. remit punishment, to forgive, pardon, Ar. yield, give up, Lat. concedere, νίκην τινί Hdt., attic: — to leave a thing to another, σοὶ παρεὶς τάδε Soph.; παρῆκεν, ὥστε βραχέα μοι δεῖσθαι φράσαι left it so that there is need for me to say but little, id=Soph. permit, allow, c. dat. pers. et inf., ἄλλῳ παρήσομεν ναυμαχήσειν Hdt.; absol., the inf. being understood, Soph. allow to pass, let pass, let in, admit, Hdt., Eur., etc.; so perf. pass. in mid. sense, βαρβάρους εἰς τὰς ἀκροπόλεις παρεῖνται have admitted them into their citadels, Dem.
VI.Mid. παρίεσθαί τινα to obtain leave from him, obtain his consent, Soph., Plat. beg to be let off something, οὐδέν σου παρίεμαι I ask no quarter, Plat.: to beg a favour, id=Plat.; παριέμεσθα we ask pardon, Eur.

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