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προβάλλω 1 2 3 4 5 put forward, i. e. to begin, ἔριδα προβαλόντες Il. put forward as a defence or plea, Soph., Eur.:—Pass., Thuc. propose for an office, Andoc. propose a problem, riddle (cf. πρόβλημα IV), Ar., etc. put forth beyond, τί τινος Soph.
III.πρ. ἑαυτόν to give oneself up for lost, Lat. spem abjicere, Hdt.; so, πρ. ἐμαυτὸν εἰς δεινὰς ἀράς Soph.
B.Mid. with perf. pass. (which is used also in pass. sense):— to throw or toss before one, οὐλοχύτας προβάλοντο Hom.: to throw away, expose, Soph. lay before or first, θεμείλιά τε προβάλοντο Il. set before oneself, propose to oneself, ἔργον Hes. propose for election, Lat. designare, Hdt., attic:— Pass. to be so proposed, Hdt. throw beyond, beat in throwing; and so, to surpass, excel, c. gen. pers. et dat. rei, ἐγὼ δέ κε σεῖο νοήματί γε προβαλοίμην Il. hold before oneself, τὼ χεῖρε Ar.; πρ. τὰ ὅπλα, i. e. to present arms, whether for offensive or defensive purposes, Xen.;—so, in perf. pass., κοντὸν προβεβλημένος having a pole advanced, with levelled pole, Luc.; also, προβεβλημένοι τοὺς θωρακοφόρους having them to cover one in front, Xen.:—absol. to stand in front, stand on the defensive, id=Xen.; προαίρεσις προβεβλημένη a defensive system, Dem.:— c. gen., προβεβλῆσθαί τινος to stand before, shield him, id=Dem.
2.metaph. to put forward, id=Dem.:— to bring forward or cite in defence, Plat.: to cite as an example, Hdt.:— to use as an excuse or pretext, Thuc.:— προβέβληνται (in mid. sense), id=Thuc. attic law-term, to present or accuse a person before the Ecclesia by the process called προβολή (v. προβολή IV); προβαλλόμενος the prosecutor in a προβολή, Dem.:—Pass. to be accused, Xen.

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