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προσήκω 1 2 have arrived at a place, to have come, be near at hand, be present, Trag.; πρ. ἐπὶ τὸν ποταμόν to reach to the river, Xen.
II.metaph. to belong to, εἰ τῷ ξένῳ προσήκει Λαΐῳ τι συγγενές if to the stranger there belongs any kin with Laius, Soph.; τῷ γὰρ προσήκει τόδε; whom does this concern? id=Soph.; so οὐδὲν πρὸς τὸ Πέρσας πρ. τὸ πάθος Hdt.:—of persons, to belong to, be related to, τινί Eur.; πρ. γένει Ar.:—c. inf., οὐ προσήκομεν κολάζειν τοῖσδε we do not belong to them to punish, i. e. it is not for them to punish us, Eur.
2.impers. it belongs to, concerns, τί οὖν προσήκει ἐμοὶ Κορινθίων; what have I to do with the Corinthians? Ar., etc.
b.c. dat. pers. et inf. it belongs to, beseems, οἷς προσῆκε πενθῆσαι Aesch.; οὔ σοι προσήκει προσφωνεῖν Soph.: —also c. acc. pers., οὔ σε προσήκει λέγειν 'tis not meet that thou should'st speak, Aesch.
2.befitting, beseeming, proper, meet, id=Thuc.:— τὰ προσήκοντα what is fit, seemly, one's duties, Xen.:— τὸ προσῆκον fitness, propriety, ἐκτὸς τοῦ προσήκοντος Eur.; μᾶλλον τοῦ πρ., παρὰ τὸ πρ. Plat.
3.of persons, related, akin, τοῖσι Κυψελίδαισι οὐδὲν ἦν προσήκων Hdt.; προσήκων βασιλεῖ Xen.;—and as Subst., οἱ πρ. τινος one's relations, Thuc.; or οἱ πρ. alone, Hdt.: —hence, αἱ προσήκουσαι ἀρεταί hereditary fair fame, Thuc.
b.οὐδὲν προσήκων one who has nothing to do with the matter, Plat.; c. inf., οὐδὲν προσήκων ἐν γόοις παραστατεῖν having no concern with assisting one in sorrows, Aesch.
4.absol. in neut., οὐ προσῆκον though or since it is not fitting, Thuc., Plat.

1 doric ποθ-ήκω

2 fut. ξω

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