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προστίθημι 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 put to, Lat. apponere, Od.; πρ. τὰς θύρας to put to the door, Hdt.; πρ. κλίμακας τοῖς πύργοις Thuc. hand over or deliver to, θεῶν γέρα ἐφημέροισι προστίθει Aesch.; γυναῖκα πρ. τινί to give her to him as wife, Hdt., etc.
3.simply, to give, bestow, φερνάς Eur.; χρήματα Dem.
II.πρ. πρῆγμά τινι to impose further business on a man, Hdt.; also c. inf., πρ. τινὶ πρήσσειν τι id=Hdt.:—then, πρ. τινὶ ἀτιμίην to impose disgrace upon him, id=Hdt.; λύπην, πόνους Eur.; ζημίας τινί Thuc. attribute or impute to, αἰτίαν τινί Eur.; θράσος τινί id=Eur. add, πρ. τι τῷ νόμῳ Hdt.; ὅρκῳ πρ. (sc. τὸν λόγον), i. e. to make oath and then add the statement, Soph.:—absol. to make additions, to augment, Thuc.
2.esp. of adding articles to documents, πρ. τι περὶ τῆς ξυμμαχίας id=Thuc.; πρ. τῷ δικαίῳ to add to the definition of right, Plat.
3.c. acc. pers., πρ. ἑαυτόν τινι to join his party, Thuc.
B.Mid., προστίθεσθαι τὴν γνώμην τινί to associate one's opinion to another, i. e. agree with him, Dem.: absol. to associate oneself to, οἷς ἂν σὺ προσθῇ Soph.; πρ. τῷ ἀστῷ to be well-inclined to him, Hdt.:—absol. to come in, submit, ap. Dem. give one's assent, agree to a thing, c. dat., Hdt., Thuc., etc.
II.c. acc. pers. to associate with oneself, i. e. take to one as a friend or ally, win over, Hdt., Thuc.; φίλον πρ. τινά Hdt.; ταύτην προσθοῦ δάμαρτα take her to wife, Soph.
2.c. acc. rei, to add to oneself, gain, πρ. πλέον to be profited, id=Soph.; πρ. χάριν ἐπιχαρίζεσθαι, id=Soph.; of evils, to bring upon oneself, Trag., etc. bring upon others, προσεθήκαντο πόλεμον made war, Hdt.; μῆνιν προσθέσθαι τινί to vent wrath upon him, id=Hdt.

1 doric ποιτ

2 imperat. προστίθει

3 fut. -θήσω

4 aor1 -έθηκα

5 aor2 -έθην

6 subj. -θῶ

7 Mid., aor1 -εθηκάμην

8 aor2 -εθέμην

9 subj. -θῶμαι

10 3rd sg. opt. -θεῖτο

11 Pass., aor1 -ετέθην

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