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prep. with dat., Lat. cum
I.along with, in company with, together with, δεῦρ᾽ ἤλυθε σὺν Μενελάῳ Il.
2.with collat. notion of help, σὺν θεῷ with God's help or blessing, (the God being conceived as standing with one), Hom., etc.; σὺν θεῷ εἰρημένον spoken as by inspiration, Hdt.: so, σὺν δαίμονι, σὺν Διί, σὺν Ἀθήνῃ Il.; so also, σύν τινι εἶναι or γίγνεσθαι to be with another, i. e. on his side, of his party, Xen.; οἱ σύν τινι any one's friends, followers, id=Xen.
3.endued with, ἄκοιτις σὺν μεγάλῃ ἀρετῇ Od.: of things that belong or are attached to a person, στῆ σὺν δουρί Il.; σκῆπτρον, σὺν τῷ ἔβη id=Il.; αὐτῇ σὺν φόρμιγγι id=Il. (here, in attic, the σύν is often omitted).
4.of two or more things taken together, θύελλαι σὺν βορέῃ, ἄνεμος σὺν λαίλαπι id=Il.; also of coincidence in point of time, ἄκρᾳ σὺν ἑσπέρᾳ Pind.
5.of connexion or consequence, σὺν μεγάλῳ ἀποτῖσαι to pay with a great loss, i. e. suffer greatly, Il.; σὺν τῷ σῷ ἀγαθῷ to your advantage, Lat. tuo cum commodo, Xen.; σὺν μιάσματι attended with pollution, Soph.:— and, generally, in accordance with; σὺν δίκᾳ Pind., σὺν κόσμῳ, σὺν τάχει, etc., nearly = Advs. δικαίως, κοσμίως, ταχέως, attic.
7.with Ordin. Numerals, ἐμοὶ σὺν ἑβδόμῳ, i. e. myself with six others, id=Aesch.
B.σύν AS ADV. together, Aesch., Soph.
2.besides, also, likewise, Od., Trag.
1.with, along with, together, Lat. con-:—in Compos. with a trans. Verb, as κτείνω, σύν may refer to two things, to kill one person as well as another, or, to join with another in killing.
2.of the completion of an action, altogether, completely, as in συμπληρόω, συντέμνω.
3.joined with numerals, σύνδυο two together or by twos, two and two; so σύντρεις, σύμπεντε, etc., like Lat. bini, terni, etc.
II.συν- before β μ π φ ψ, becomes συμ-; before γ κ ξ χ, συγ-; before λ, συλ-; before ς, συσ-, but before στ, συ-, as συστῆναι.

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