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συμβαίνω 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I.Pass., to stand with the feet together, opp. to διαβαίνειν, Xen. stand with, so as to assist, Soph.; ς. κακοῖς, i. e. increase them, Eur. meet, τινί Xen.; συμβέβηκεν οὐδαμοῦ has never come in my way, has had naught to do with me, Eur.
II.metaph. to come together, come to an agreement, come to terms, Lat. convenire, τινί with another, Hdt., attic; c. inf., ς. ὑπήκοοι εἶναι Thuc.; Pass., of the terms, to be agreed on, id=Thuc.
2.of things, to coincide or correspond with, c. dat., Hdt., attic:—absol., Trag., etc. fall to one's lot, c. dat. pers., Eur., Dem.
III.of events, to come to pass, happen, Lat. contingere, Aesch., Plat., etc.:—impers., συνέβη μοι, c. inf., it happened to me to do a thing, Hdt., etc.; also c. acc. it happened that I did, id=Hdt., Thuc., etc.: ξυμβαίνει c. inf. it happens to be, i. e. it is so and so, Plat.: —τὸ συμβεβηκός a chance event, contingency, Dem.; so, τὰ συμβαίνοντα Xen.; τὰ συμβάντα id=Xen.
2.joined with Adverbs or Adjectives, to turn out in a certain way, ὀρθῶς συνέβαινε Hdt.; κακῶς, καλῶς ξυμβῆναι Xen., etc.
3.of consequences, to result, follow, Thuc.: so, of logical conclusions, Plat.

1 fut. -βήσομαι

2 perf. -βέβηκα

3 3rd pl. sync. -βεβᾶσι

4 ionic inf. -βεβάναι

5 aor2 συνέβην

6 inf. συμβῆναι

7 3rd sg. aor1 subj. ξυμβα^θῇ

8 perf. inf. βεβάσθαι

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