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συνάπτω 1 tie or bind together, to join together, unite, ς. χέρα, in sign of friendship, Eur.; ἰδού, ξύναψον (sc. τὴν χέρα) id=Eur.; but, ς. χεῖρά τινος ἐν βρόχοις to bind it fast, id=Eur.:— ς. πόδα or ἴχνος τινί to meet him, id=Eur.; ς. κῶλον τάφῳ to approach the grave, id=Eur.; so, φόνος ς. τινὰ γᾷ id=Eur.:— ξ. βλέφαρα to close the eyes, id=Eur.; ς. στόμα to kiss one, id=Eur.:— ς. κακὰ κακοῖς to link misery with misery, id=Eur.; but, ς. κακόν τινι to link him with misery, id=Eur.: ς. τινὶ δαῖτα to give one a meal, id=Eur.: proverb., ς. λίνον λίνῳ to join thread to thread, i. e. to compare things of the same sort, Plat. connect in thought, to combine, id=Plat.: ς. μηχανήν to frame a plan, Aesch.; ς. ὄναρ εἴς τινα to connect it with him, refer it to him, Eur.; ξυνῆψε πάντας ἐς μίαν βλάβην involved them in one loss, id=Eur. hostile sense, ς. εἰς μάχην to bring into action, Hdt.; ἐλπὶς πόλεις ξυνῆψε engaged them in conflict, Eur.
2.ς. μάχην to join battle, Hdt.; τινί with one, Aesch.; πρός τινα Thuc.: also (without μάχην) to engage, Hdt., Ar.:—Pass., νεῖκος συνῆπταί τινι πρός τινα Hdt. friendly sense, to unite, Xen.: —Pass., συνάπτεσθαί τινι to have intercourse with, Anth.
2.c. acc. rei, ς. μῦθον, ὅρκους Eur.; ς.τινὶ γάμους, λέκτρα, κῆδος to form an alliance by marriage, id=Eur.: ξυνάπτεσθαι κῆδος τῆς θυγατρός to get one's daughter married, Thuc.
B.intr.: local sense, to border on, lie next to, Hdt.; Τήνῳ συνάπτει Ἄνδρος Aesch.
2.of Time, to be nigh at hand, Pind.; so of events, λύπη ς. τινί Eur.
3.metaph. of thoughts, to meet together, Arist.:— to be connected with, πρός τι id=Arist.
II.of persons, ς. λόγοισι to enter into conversation, Soph.; so, ἐς λόγους ξ. τινί Eur.; also, ς. εἰς χορεύματα to join in the dance, id=Eur.; ς. ἐς χεῖρα γῇ, i. e. to come close to land, id=Eur.
2.τύχα ποδὸς ξυνάπτει μοι, i. e. I have come in good time, id=Eur.
C.Mid. to be next to, connected with, τινι Xen. take part with one, to assist, τινι Eur.; absol., Aesch. bring upon oneself, πληγάς Dem.

1 fut. -άψω

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