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τάσσω Root ΤΑΓ arrange, put in order, Hdt., etc.: esp. to draw up in order of battle, to form, array, marshal, both of troops and ships, Hdt., Thuc., etc.:—Pass. to be drawn up, Hdt.; ἐπὶ τεττάρων ταχθῆναι in four lines, Xen.; κατὰ μίαν τεταγμένοι in single column, Thuc.: absol., τεταγμένοι in rank and file, opp. to ἄτακτοι, id=Thuc., etc.:—Mid. to fall in, form in order of battle, id=Thuc. post, station, Hdt., Aesch., etc.:—Pass., Hdt., etc.; ἐς τὸ πεζόν or ἐς π. τετάχθαι or ταχθῆναι to serve among the infantry, id=Hdt.; c. acc. cogn., τάξιν τινὰ ταχθῆναι Plat. appoint to any service, military or civil, τ. τινὰ ἐπί τινος one over a thing, to a service or task, Dem., etc.; ἐπί τινι Aesch., etc.; ἐπί τι Ar., etc.; πρός τι Xen.:—Pass., τετάχθαι ἐπί τινι to be appointed to a service, Hdt., etc.; ἐπί τι Ar.
2.c. acc. et inf. to appoint one to do a thing, Xen.; and in Pass. to be appointed to do Aesch., etc.:—also (sine inf.), οἱ τεταγμένοι βραβεῖς Soph.; πρέσβεις ταχθέντες Dem.
3.c. acc. et inf. also, to order one to do a thing, Hdt., Soph., etc.; also, τ. τινὶ ποιεῖν τι Hdt., etc.:—Pass., ἐτάχθην or τέταγμαι ποιεῖν τι id=Hdt.:—also impers., ἴωμεν, ἵν᾽ ἡμῖν τέτακται (sc. ἰέναι) Soph.; οἷς ἐτέτακτο βοηθεῖν Thuc. assign to a class, τ. εἰς τάξιν τινά Xen.; τ. ἑαυτόν τινων to act as one of a set, Dem.:—Pass., πρὸς τὴν ξυμμαχίαν ταχθῆναι to join it, Thuc.
III.c. acc. rei, to place in a certain order, χωρὶς τ. τι Hdt.; πρῶτον τ. τι Xen. appoint, ordain, order, prescribe, Soph., Plat.:—Pass., τὸ ταχθέν Soph.; τὰ τεταγμένα Xen.
3.of taxes or payments, to appoint or fix a certain payment, τ. τινὶ φόρον Aeschin., etc.; with an inf. added, χρήματα τάξαντες φέρειν Thuc.; τάσσειν ἀργυρίου to fix the price, id=Thuc.:—Pass., τὸ ταχθὲν τίμημα Plat.:—Mid. to take a payment on oneself, i. e. agree to pay it, φόρον τάξασθαι Hdt.; χρήματα ἀποδοῦναι ταξάμενοι Thuc. Mid., also, generally, to agree upon, settle, Plat. impose punishments, τ. δίκην Ar.; τιμωρίαν Dem.:—so in Mid., Hdt. perf. part. pass. fixed, prescribed, τεταγμένος χρόνος id=Hdt., etc.; τετ. ἡμέρα, ἔτος Xen., etc.; τετ. χώρα id=Xen.

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