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τέμνω Root ΤΕΜ, cf. τέμω cut, hew, Hom., etc.; ὀδόντας οἵους τέμνειν teeth fit for cutting, Xen. cut, wound, maim, Il.; πρὸς δέρην τ. to wound her in the neck, Aesch.
3.of a surgeon, to cut, Il.: absol. to use the knife, as opp. to cautery (κάειν), Aesch., Xen., etc.:—Pass. to be operated upon, Plat. cut up, cut to pieces, Hom., etc.:—to slaughter, sacrifice, Il., Eur.
2.ὅρκια τάμνειν to sacrifice in attestation of an oath, and so to take solemn oaths, Hom.; θάνατόν νύ τοι ὅρκι᾽ ἔταμνον I made a truce which was death to thee, Il.:—Mid., of two parties, ὅρκια τάμνεσθαι Hdt.:—cf. Lat. foedus ferire.
3.φάρμακον τέμνειν to cut or chop up a plant for purposes of medicine or witchcraft, Aesch., etc.; ἄκος τέμνειν to contrive a means or remedy, Eur. divide, of a river, μέσην τ. Λιβύην to cut it in twain, Hdt.; δίχα τ. to cut in two, bisect, Plat. cut asunder, cut off, sever, κεφαλὴν ἀπὸ δειρῆς Il., etc.; with double acc., ἐρινεὸν τάμνε ὄρπηκας cut the branches off the fig-tree, id=Il.; and in Pass., τρίχας ἐτμήθην had them cut off, Eur. part off, mark off, τέμενος Il. cut down, fell trees, id=Il., etc.:—Mid., δοῦρα τάμνεσθαι to fell oneself timber, Od., Hdt.
2.λίθον τ. to hew stone, Plat.: Mid., λίθους τάμνεσθαι to have them wrought or hewn, Hdt. cut down for purposes of destruction, Eur., etc.; τ. τὴν γῆν to ravage the country by felling the trees and cutting the corn, Hdt., Thuc.; with partit. gen., τῆς γῆς τ. to waste part of it, Thuc. cut or hew into shape, δούρατα Od., etc. cut lengthwise, to plough, Solon.
2.τ. ὁδόν to cut or make a road, Thuc.:—Pass., τέτμηνται κέλευθοι Pind.
3.also to make one's way, advance, τ. ὁδόν Eur.; τὴν μεσόγαιαν τ. τῆς ὁδοῦ to take the middle road, strike through the interior, Hdt.; μέσον τέμνειν to hold a middle course, Plat.
4.of ships, to cut through the waves, plough the sea, Od.:—so of birds, to cleave the air, Ar. bring to a decision, Lat. decidere, Pind., Eur.

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