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τελέω complete, fulfil, accomplish, and, generally, to execute, perform, Lat. perficere, Hom.: —Pass., id=Hom.; ἅμα μῦθος ἔην, τετέλεστο δὲ ἔργον "no sooner said than done, " Il. fulfil one's word, Hom.: to grant one the fulfilment of anything, τί τινι id=Hom.; τ. νόον τινί to fulfil his wish, Il.; τελέσαι κότον, χόλον to glut his fury, wrath, id=Il.: c. inf., οὐδ᾽ ἐτέλεσσε φέρειν he succeeded not in bringing, id=Il.; ὅρκια τελεῖν, like ὅρκον τελευτᾶν, to complete or confirm an oath, id=Il. make perfect, ἀρετάν Pind.; τ. τινα to bless him with perfect happiness, id=Pind.; so, τελεσθεὶς ὄλβος Aesch.:—also, to bring a child to maturity, bring it to the birth, Eur. bring to an end, finish, end, ὁδόν Il., etc.; without ὁδόν, to finish one's course to a place, arrive at it, Thuc.
5.of Time, Od., etc.:— Pass., ἤματα μακρὰ τελέσθη id=Od.: of men, to come to one's end, Aesch.
6.intr. like Pass. to be fulfilled, turn out so and so, id=Aesch., Soph. pay what one owes, pay one's dues, Il.: generally, to pay, present, Hom., attic: absol. to pay tax, Hdt.:—Pass., of money, to be paid, id=Hdt.; of persons, to be subject to tax or tribute, Dem. lay out, spend, Hdt.:—Pass. to be spent or expended, id=Hdt.; ἐς τὸ δεῖπνον τετρακόσια τάλαντα τετελεσμένα laid out upon the supper, id=Hdt.
3.since, in many Greek cities, the citizens were distributed into classes acc. to their taxable property, τ. εἴς τινας meant to be rated as belonging to a class, Lat. censeri inter, τ. ἐς Ἕλληνας, ἐς Βοιωτούς to belong to the Greeks, the Boeotians, id=Hdt.; εἰς ἀστοὺς τ. to become a citizen, Soph.; εἰς γυναῖκας ἐξ ἀνδρῶν τ. to become a woman instead of a man, Eur.: hence, πρὸς τὸν πατέρα τελέσαι to compare with his father, Hdt. τελειόω II, to make perfect, i. e. to initiate in the mysteries, Plat., Dem.:—Pass. to have oneself initiated, Lat. initiari, Ar., Plat., etc.; Διονύσῳ τελεσθῆναι to be consecrated to Dionysus, initiated in his mysteries, Hdt.:—c. acc., τελεσθῆναι Βακχεῖα Ar.
2.metaph., στρατηγὸς τελεσθῆναι to be formally appointed general, Dem.; τετελεσμένος σωφροσύνῃ a votary of temperance, Xen.
3.also of sacred rites, to perform, Eur., Anth.

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