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τεύχω make ready, make, build, work, Hom., Hes., Trag.;—of a cook, δεῖπνον τετυκεῖν to dress or prepare a meal, Od.; and in Mid., δεῖπνον τετυκέσθαι to have a meal prepared, Hom.:—Pass., δώματα τετεύχαται Il.; θεῶν ἐτετεύχατο βωμοί id=Il.; c. gen., χρυσοῖο τετεύχαται are wrought of gold, id=Il.; also, τετυγμένα δώματα λάεσσιν built with stones, Od.; but, δόμος αἰθούσηισι τετυγμένος built or furnished with vestibules, Il.
2.the perf. part. τετυγμένος often passes into the sense of an adj., = τυκτός, well-made, well-wrought, Hom.; ἀγρὸς καλὸν τετ. well wrought, well tilled, Od.;—metaph., νόος τετυγμένος a ready, constant mind, id=Hom.
3.perf. act. part. once in pass. sense, ῥινοῖο τετευχώς made of hide, id=Hom.
II.of events, to cause, make, bring to pass, bring about, ὄμβρον ἠὲ χάλαζαν Il.; τ. βοήν to make a cry, Od.; τ. γάμον to bring it about, id=Od.:—Pass., esp. in perf., to be caused, and so to arise, occur, happen, exist, Hom., etc.
III.c. acc. pers. to make so and so, ἄγνωστον τ. τινά Od.; τ. τινὰ μέγαν, εὐδαίμονα Aesch., Eur.; c. dupl. acc., τί σε τεύξω; what shall I make of thee? Soph.;—hence in perf. pass. simply for γίγνεσθαι or εἶναι, Ζεὺς ταμίης πολέμοιο τέτυκται Il.; γυναικὸς ἄφ᾽ ἀντὶ τέτυξο thou wast like a woman, id=Il.

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