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τίθημι from Root ΘΕ local sense, to set, put, place, Hom., etc.:—in attic, πόδα τ. to plant the foot, i. e. walk, run, Aesch.; τετράποδος βάσιν θηρὸς τίθεσθαι, i. e. to go on all fours, Eur.: θεῖναί τινί τι ἐν χερσίν to put it in his hands, Il.; ἐς χεῖρά τινος into his hand, Soph.
2.θέσθαι τὴν ψῆφον to lay one's voting-pebble on the altar, put it into the urn, Aesch.; so, τίθεσθαι τὴν γνώμην to give one's opinion, Hdt.; and τίθεσθαι absol. to vote, Soph.
3.θεῖναί τινί τι ἐν φρεσί, ἐν στήθεσσι to put or plant it in his heart, Hom.; ἐν στήθεσσι τιθεῖ νόον Il., etc.: Mid., θέσθαι θυμὸν ἐν στήθεσσι to lay up wrath in one's heart, id=Il.; θέσθαι τινὶ κότον to harbour enmity against him, id=Il. deposit, as in a bank, Hdt., Xen.; also, ἐγγύην θέσθαι Aesch.:—Pass., τὰ τεθέντα the deposits, Dem.:—metaph., χάριν or χάριτα θέσθαι τινί to deposit a claim for favour with one, to lay an obligation on one, Hdt., etc. pay down, pay, Dem. place to account, put down, reckon, in rationes referre, id=Dem. military language, τίθεσθαι τὰ ὅπλα has three senses, pile arms, as in a camp, to bivouac, Thuc.:—hence, to take up a position, draw up in order of battle, Hdt., etc. lay down one's arms, surrender, Xen.; so, πόλεμον θέσθαι to settle, end it, Thuc.
c.εὖ θέσθαι ὅπλα to keep one's arms in good order, Xen.; like εὖ ἀσπίδα θέσθω, Il. lay in the grave, bury, id=Il., Aesch., etc.
9.τιθέναι τὰ γόνατα to kneel down, NTest. set up prizes in games, Lat. proponere, Il., etc.:— Pass., τὰ τιθέμενα the prizes, Dem. set up ina temple, to devote, dedicate, Hom., Eur. assign, award, τιμήν τινι Il.:—Mid., ὄνομα θέσθαι to give a name, Od., Hdt., etc.
IV.τιθέναι νόμον to lay down or give a law, of a legislator, Soph., etc.: Mid., of republican legislatures, to give oneself a law, make a law, Hdt., etc.:—so, θεῖναι θεσμόν Aesch.; σκῆψιν θεῖναι to allege an excuse, Soph. establish, institute, ἀγῶνα Aesch., Xen. ordain, command, c. acc. et inf., Xen.; γυναιξὶ σωφρονεῖν θήσει Eur.; so, with Advs., οὕτω νῦν Ζεὺς θείη so may he ordain, Od.; ὣς ἄρ᾽ ἔμελλον θησέμεναι Il. put in a certain state, to make so and so, θεῖναί τινα αἰχμητήν, μάντιν Hom.; θεῖναί τινα ἄλοχόν τινος to make her another's wife, Il.; τοῖόν με ἔθηκε ὅπως ἐθέλει has made me such as she will, Od.; σῦς ἔθηκας ἑταίρους thou didst make my comrades swine, id=Od.; ναῦν λᾶαν ἔθηκε id=Od.:—so, with an adj., θεῖναί τινα ἀθάνατον to make him immortal, id=Od.; also of things, ὄλεθρον ἀπευθέα θῆκε left it unknown, id=Od.:—often in Mid., γυναῖκα or ἄκοιτιν θέσθαι τινά to make her one's wife, Od.; παῖδα or υἱὸν τίθεσθαί τινα, like ποιεῖσθαι, to make her one's child, adopt him, Plat.
2.c. inf. to make one do so and so, τιθέναι τινὰ νικῆσαι to make him conquer, Pind., etc. reference to mental action, mostly in Mid., to lay down, assume, hold, reckon or regard as so and so, τί δ᾽ ἐλέγχεα ταῦτα τίθεσθε; Od.; εὐεργέτημα τ. τι Dem.
2.foll. by Advs., ποῦ χρὴ τίθεσθαι ταῦτα; in what light must we regard these things? Soph.; οὐδαμοῦ τιθέναι τι to hold of no account, nullo in numero habere, Eur.
3.foll. by Preps., τ. τινὰ ἐν τοῖς φίλοις Xen.; τίθεσθαί τινα ἐν τιμῆι Hdt.; θέσθαι παρ᾽ οὐδέν to set at naught, Aesch., etc.
4.with an inf., οὐ τίθημ᾽ ἐγὼ ζῆν τοῦτον I hold not that he lives, count him not as living, Soph. lay down, assume, Plat., etc. make, work, execute, Lat. ponere, of an artist, ἐν δ᾽ ἐτίθει νεῖον Il. make, cause, bring to pass, ἔργα id=Il.; ὀρυμαγδόν Od., etc. Mid. to make for oneself, θέσθαι κέλευθον to make oneself a road, Il.; μεγάλην ἐπιγουνίδα θέσθαι to get a large thigh, Od.; θέσθαι πόνον to work oneself annoy, Aesch.
4.periphr. for a single Verb. σκέδασιν θεῖναι σκεδάσαι, to make a scattering, Od.; so in Mid., θέσθαι μάχην for μάχεσθαι, Il.; σπουδήν, πρόνοιαν θέσθαι Soph.
IV.εὖ θέσθαι to settle, arrange, or manage well, τὰ σεωυτοῦ Hdt.; τὸ παρόν Thuc.:—also, καλῶς θεῖναι or θέσθαι Soph., Eur.; εὖ θέσθαι Soph.

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