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τρέφω thicken or congeal a liquid, γάλα θρέψαι to curdle it. Od.; τυρὸν τρέφειν Theocr.:—Pass., with intr. perf. act. τέτροφα, to become firm, περὶ χροῒ τέτροφεν ἄλκη Od. make to grow or increase, to bring up, breed, rear, Hom., etc.; c. acc. cogn., τρ. τινὰ τροφήν τινα to bring up in a certain way, Hdt.:—Mid. to rear for oneself, Od., etc.:—Pass. to reared, grow up, Hom.; κάρτιστοι τράφεν ἄνδρες grew up the strongest men, Il.; ἐξ ὅτου 'τράφην ἐγώ from the time when I left the nursery, Ar.; μιᾶς τρέφει πρὸς νυκτός, i. e. art a child of night, Soph.
2.of slaves, horses, dogs and the like, to rear and keep them, Hom., etc.; τρ. παιδαγωγούς Aeschin.; τρ. γυναῖκα Eur.;—metaph., αἰγιαλὸν ἔνδον τρέφει he keeps quite a sea-beach in the house, Ar.:—Pass. to bred, reared, Soph. let grow, cherish, foster, χαίτην τρέφε Il.; τρ. ὑπήνην Ar.; τρ. κόμην κομᾶν, Hdt.;—also, τάδ᾽ ὕεσσι τρέφει ἀλοιφήν this is what puts fat on swine, Od.
4.of earth and sea, to produce, teem with, χθὼν τρέφει φάρμακα id=Od.; θάλασσα τρέφουσα πορφύραν Aesch. have within oneself, to contain, keep, have, τι πόλις τέτροφεν ἄφιλον Soph.; τρέφειν τὴν γλῶσσαν ἡσυχωτέραν to keep his tongue more quiet, id=Soph.; νόσον τρ. id=Soph.; οἵας λατρείας τρέφει what services she constantly performs, id=Soph.
III.maintain, support, τρ. Ἥλιος χθονὸς φύσιν Aesch.; τρ. τὸν πατέρα Aeschin.: esp. to maintain an army or navy, Thuc., Xen.
IV.aor2 act. in intr. sense, ἔτραφον = pass. ἐτράφην, ὃς ἔτραφ᾽ ἄριστος Il.; τραφέμεν (ionic for τραφεῖν) Hom. perf. τέτροφα, v. supr. I.

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