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latter, last, comp. and Sup. without any Posit. adj. in use.
A.ὕστερος, η, ον latter,
I.of Place, latter, coming after, following, Eur., Xen.:—c. gen., ὕστεροι ἡμῶν behind us, Plat.; ὑστέρα νεώς behind (slower than) a ship, Aesch.
II.of Time, next, Il.; τῷ ὑστέρῳ ἔτει in the next year, Xen.; ὑστέρῳ χρόνῳ in after time, Aesch., etc.:—c. gen. pers. later than, after, Il., Plat.; also ὑστέρῳ χρόνῳ τούτων Hdt.
2.later, too late, Il., Soph.
3.c. gen. rei, too late for, Hdt., Ar. Subst. οἱ ὕστεροι =Lat. posteri, Eur.
III.of inferiority in Age, Worth, or Quality, γένει ὕστερος, i. e. younger, Il.:— c. gen., οὐδενὸς ὕστ. second to none, Soph., Thuc.; ὕστερος τῶν νόμων below the laws, Aeschin.
IV.neut. ὕστερον as adv. behind, c. gen., Xen.
2.of Time, later, afterwards, Hom., etc.; also ὕστερα Od.: —c. gen., ὕστερον τούτων later than these things, after them, Hdt.; πολλῷ ὕστ. τῶν Τρωικῶν Thuc. adv. sense with Preps., ἐς ὕστερον Od., Hdt., etc.: — ἐν ὑστέρῳ Thuc.:— ἐξ ὑστέρης Hdt.
II.of Time, τίνα πρῶτον, τίνα δ᾽ ὕστατον ἐξενάριξεν; id=Il.; πρὸς ὕστ. φῶς Aesch.: ὑστάτη (sc. ἡμέρα) τῆς ὁρτῆς the last day of the feast, Hdt.; οὐκ ἐν ὑστάτοις not among the last, Eur.; οἱ ὕστατοι εἰπόντες Dem., etc.:—c. gen., ὕστατος ἁλώσιος all too late for . . , Pind.
III.the neut. sg. and pl. as adv., πύματόν τε καὶ ὕστατον Od.; ὕστατα καὶ πύματα Il.; νῦν ὕστατα id=Il.; ὕστατα Hdt., etc. adv. sense with Preps., ἐν ὑστάτοις at last, Plat.

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