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χέω Root ΧΥ

Radic. sense, to pour:
I.properly of liquids, to pour out, pour, Hom., etc.; Zeus χέει ὕδωρ, i. e. he makes it rain, Il.; χέει χιόνα βορέας Eur.; absol., χέει it snows, Il.:—Mid. to pour for oneself, esp. of drink-offerings, χοὰς χεόμην νεκύεσσι Od., etc.:—Pass., χέονται κρῆναι they gush forth, Eur.; χυθέντος ποτοῦ ἐς γῆν Soph.
2.χ. δάκρυα to shed tears, Il., Eur.:—Pass., of tears, to pour or gush forth, Hom.; so of blood, to be shed, Aesch. Pass. to become liquid, melt, thaw, Xen.
II.of solids, to shed, scatter, φύλλα Il.; πτερά Od.; χ. κόνιν κὰκ κεφαλῆς Hom.; χ. καλάμην χθονί, of a mower or reaper (v. καλάμη), Il. χώννυμι, to throw out earth, so as to form a mound, σῆμα, τύμβον χ. Hom.
3.χ. δοῦρα to pour or shower spears, Il.; Mid., βέλεα χέοντο they showered their arrows, id=Il. let fall or drop, ἡνία id=Il.; so, χέειν κρόκου βαφὰς (v. βαφή II) Aesch.; but, καρπὸν χ., of trees, to produce fruit abundantly, Od. Pass. to be thrown or heaped up together, Hom., Hdt. Pass. also of living beings, to pour or stream in a dense mass or throng, Hom.
III.metaph. of sounds, to pour forth, φωνήν, αὐδήν Od.; φθόγγον Aesch.
2.of things that obscure the sight, κατ᾽ ὀφθαλμῶν χέεν ἀχλύν shed a dark cloud over the eyes, Il.; πολλὴν ἠέρα χεῦε shed a mist abroad, Od.:—Pass., ἀμφὶ δέ οἱ θάνατος χύτο was shed around him, Il.; νόσος κέχυται Soph.; φρὶξ ἐπὶ πόντον ἐχεύατο (Mid. in pass. sense), Il.
3.of persons, ἀμφ᾽ αὐτῶι χυμένη throwing herself around him, Hom.: so in Mid., ἀμφὶ υἱὸν ἐχεύατο πήχεε Il.
4.perf. pass. κέχυμαι, to be wholly engaged in, Δᾶλος, ἐν ἇι κέχυμαι Pind.

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