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χράομαι Dep.

I.from the sense of consulting or using an oracle (v. χράω3 ) comes the common sense to use, Lat. uti, Il., etc.; φρεσὶ κέχρητ᾽ ἀγαθῆισι he was endowed with a good heart, Od.: c. dat., χρῆσθαι ἀργυρίωι to have money to use for a purpose, use it thereon, Plat.; χρ. ναυτιλίηισι, θαλάσσηι Hdt., Thuc. various relations, ὀργῆι or θυμῶι χρῆσθαι to indulge one's anger, give vent to it, Hdt.
b.of external things, to experience, suffer, be subject to, νιφετῶι id=Hdt.; χρ. γαληνείαι to have fair weather, Eur.; ὁμολογίαι χπ. to come to an agreement, Hdt.; ζυγῶι χρ. δουλίωι to become a slave, Aesch.; συμφορῆι, συντυχίηι, εὐτυχίηι χρ., Lat. uti fortuna mala, prospera, Hdt., etc.; νόμοις χρ. to live under laws, Eur.; χρ. ἀνομίαι Xen., etc.:—in many cases, χρῆσθαι merely paraphrases the Verb cognate to its dat., μόρωι χρ. i. e. to die, Hdt.; ὠνῆι καὶ πράσει χρ. ὠνεῖσθαι καὶ πιπράσκειν, to buy and sell, id=Hdt.; χρ. δρασμῶι διδράσκειν, Aeschin.; χρ. φωνῆι φωνεῖν, διαβολῆι χρ. διαβάλλεσθαι etc., Plat.
c.χρῆσθαί τινι εἴς τι to use for an end or purpose, Hdt., Xen., etc.; ἐπί τι or πρός τι Xen.;—also with neut. adj. as adv., χρ. τινι τι βούλεταί τις to make what use one likes of him, Hdt.; ἀπορέων τι χρήσεται not knowing what to make of it, id=Hdt.; τί χρήσομαι τούτωι; what use shall I make of him? Ar.; οὐκ ἂν ἔχοις τι χρῶιο σαυτῶι Plat.
3.of persons, χρῆσθαί τινι, with an adv. of manner, to treat him so and so, χρῆσθαί τινι ὡς ἀνδρὶ ψεύστηι Hdt.; χρῆσθαί τινι ὡς φίλωι Thuc.; also, φιλικῶς χρῆσθαί τινι Xen.; but ὡς is often omitted, ἔμοιγε χρώμενος διδασκάλωι Aesch., etc.:—also, χρῆσθαί τινι (without φίλωι) like Lat. uti for uti familiariter, to be intimate with a man, Xen.:—absol., οἱ χρώμενοι friends, id=Xen.
4.χρῆσθαι ἑαυτῶι to make use of one's powers, Plat.; also, παρέχειν ἑαυτόν τινι χρῆσθαι to place oneself at the disposal of another, Xen.
5.absol., or with an adv., οὕτω χρῶνται οἱ Πέρσαι so the Persians are wont to do, such is their custom, id=Xen.
6.perf. κέχρημαι (in pres. sense), to be in need or want of, to yearn after, c. gen., Hom., Soph., Eur.:—part. κεχρημένος used as an adj., needy, in need, poor, Od., Hes., Eur.
7.the perf. appears as a strengthd. pres., to have in use, and so to have, possess, φρεσὶ γὰρ κέχρητ᾽ ἀγαθῆισι Od.
8.aor1 pass. χρησθῆναι, to be used, αἱ νέες οὐκ ἐχρήσθησαν Hdt.; ἕως ἂν χρησθῆι so long as it be in use, Dem.
IV.for χρή, v. sub voc.

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