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χωρέω χῶρος make room for another, give way, draw back, retire, withdraw, Il.; γαῖα ἔνερθεν χώρησεν the earth gave way from beneath, i. e. opened, Hhymn.;— πρύμναν χ. κρούεσθαι πρύμναν, to put back, retire, Eur.; — χωρεῖτε begone! Aesch.—Construction:
1.c. gen. loci, χώρησεν ἐπάλξιος he retired from the rampart, Il.; also, ἀπὸ ὑσμίνης χωρήσαντες id=Il.; ἐκ πυλῶν Aesch.
2.c. dat. pers. to give way to one, retire before him, οὐδ᾽ ἂν Ἀχιλλῆι χωρήσειεν Il. go forward, move on or along, Lat. incedere, and then simply to go or come, Hdt., etc.: to go on one's journey, travel, Soph.; χ. πρὸς ἔργον to come to action, come on, begin, id=Soph.; χ. πρὸς ἧπαρ to go to one's heart, id=Soph.; διὰ φόνου χ. Eur.; κάτω χώρει go downwards, i. e. beginning from the upper parts of the body, Aesch.:—absol., χ. ποταμός Plat.; ὁμόσε χ. to join battle, Thuc.; of Time, νὺξ ἐχώρει the night was passing, near an end, Aesch.: —also c. acc. loci, Κεκροπίαν χθόνα χ. Eur. come to an issue, turn out in a certain manner, παρὰ σμικρὰ κεχώρηκε have come to little, of oracles, Hdt.; εὐτυχέως χ., Lat. bene cedere, id=Hdt.:—absol., like προχωρέω, to go on well, succeed, id=Hdt. spread abroad, id=Hdt.; διὰ πάντων χωρεῖν to spread among all, Xen.
III.trans. = χανδάνω, to have room for a thing, to hold, contain, esp. of measures, κρητὴρ χωρέει ἀμφορέας ἑξακοσίους Hdt.; πόλις οὐκ ἐχώρησεν αὐτούς Thuc.; χωρήσατε ἡμᾶς take us into your hearts, NTest.

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