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ψεύδω Root *y*u*d cheat by lies, beguile, Soph., etc.:—Pass. to be cheated, deceived, Aesch., etc.
2.ψ. τινά τινος to cheat, balk, disappoint one of a thing, id=Aesch., Soph.; also c. acc. rei, ἐλπίδας ψ. τινά Xen.: —Pass. to be cheated, balked, disappointed of a thing, ψευσθῆναι ἐλπίδος, γάμου Hdt.; δείπνου Ar.
3.Pass., also, to be deceived, mistaken in or about a thing, ἐψευσμένοι γνώμης mistaken in opinion, Hdt.; ἐψευσμένοι τῆς τῶν Ἀθηναίων δυνάμεως deceived in their notions of the Athenian power, Thuc.; ἐψεῦσθαι ἑαυτῶν, Opp. to εἰδέναι ἑαυτούς, Xen.:—also, ψευσθῆναι ἔν τινι Hdt.; περί τινος Xen.: also c. acc., αὐτοὺς ἐψευσμένη Ἑλλάς deceived in its estimate of them, Thuc.
4.of statements, to be untrue, τρίτη τῶν ὁδῶν μάλιστα ἔψευσται Hdt.
II.c. acc. rei, like ψευδοποιέω, to represent a thing as a lie, to falsify, Soph.:—Pass., ψευσθεῖσα ὑπόσχεσις the promise broken, Thuc.
B.earlier and more common is the Mid. ψεύδομαι
1.absol. to lie, speak false, play false, Hom., etc.
2.c. acc. rei, to say that which is untrue, ὅτι τοῦτο ψεύδομαι Plat.; ἅπερ αὐτὸν οὐ ψεύδομαι which I do not speak falsely about him, Andoc. be false, perjured or forsworn, Hes. Act. II, to belie, falsify, ὅρκια ψεύσασθαι to break them, Il.; so, ψ. γάμους Eur.; so in plup. pass., ἔψευστο τὴν ξυμμαχίαν Thuc.; τὰ χρήματα ἐψευσμένοι ἦσαν had broken their word about the money, Xen. Act. I, to deceive by lies, cheat, Aesch., Eur.; ψ. τινά τι to deceive one in a thing, Soph., Eur.

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