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admĭnĭcŭlum , i, n. ad-manus, prop.,
I.that on which the hand may rest, then in gen., a prop, stay, support.
I. Lit.
A. Orig. in the language of vine-dressers, the stake or pole to which the vine clings, and by which it is supported: “vites claviculis adminicula, tamquam manibus apprehendunt, atque ita se erigunt, ut animantes,Cic. N. D. 2, 47: “adminiculorum ordines, capitum jugatio,id. Sen. 15; so Plin. 17, 24, 36, § 215; cf. Drak. Liv. 6, 1, 4.— Hence,
B. In gen., of any prop, stay, or support, assistance: adminicula hominum, i. e. oxen, implements of agriculture, etc., Varr. R. R. 1, 17; Liv. 21, 36: “motam (Junonem) sede sua parvi molimenti adminiculis,id. 5, 22: “adminicula gubernandi addidit Tiphys,means of steering, the rudder, Plin. 7, 56, 57, § 209; cf. id. 11, 37, 61, § 162. —
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