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aedīlīcĭus (not aedīlīt- ), a um, adj. id.,
I.pertaining or belonging to an œdile: “munus,Cic. Off. 2, 16: “repulsa, i. e. in aedilitate petenda,id. Planc. 21: “scriba,of an œdile, id. Clu. 45: “largitio,Liv. 25, 2; cf. Cic. Off. 2, 16: “vectigal aediliciorum, sc. munerum,paid to the œdiles to defray the expense of public exhibitions, id. Q. Fr. 1, 1, 9.—aedīlīcĭus , i, m. (sc. vir), one who had been an œdile (as consularis, who had been consul), an exœdile, Varr. R. R. 1, 7, 10: “aedilicius est mortuus,Cic. Brut. 28; so id. Vatin. 7: edictum, an ordinance of the œdile on entering upon his office (v. edictum), Dig. 21, 1: “aediliciae edictiones,Plaut. Capt. 4, 2, 43.
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