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altĕr-ŭter , altĕrū^tra (more freq. than altera utra), altĕrū^trum (more freq. than alterum utrum), adj. (in the
I.obliq. cas. arch. alterutrius, alterutri, etc.; cf. Prisc. p. 667; 693 P.; gen. and dat. f. alterutrae, Charis. p. 132 ib.).
I. One of two, the one or the other, either, no matter which (rare but class.): AD. ALTERVTRVM. SIBI. REDD(iderunt), Carm. Fr. Arv. 28: “video esse necesse alterutrum,Cic. Div. in Caecil. 18: “si in alterutro peccandum sit, malo viderinimis timidusquam parum prudens,id. Marcell. 7; so id. Fam. 6, 3; 9, 6; id. Att. 10, 1; Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 8 fin.: Alterutrum velox victoria fronde coronet, * Hor. Ep. 1, 18, 64; Nep. Dion, 4, 1.—With both parts declined (prob. only in the two foll. exs.): alteriusutrius causā, Cato ap. Prisc. p. 693 P.: longitudo alteriusutrius, Cic. Prot. Fragm. ib.—
II. = uterque, both: necessarium fuit alterutrum foris et sub dio esse, Col. praef. 12.
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