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buccŭla (būcŭla ), ae, f. dim. bucca.
I. A little cheek or mouth, * Suet. Galb. 4: “pressa Cupidinis buccula,App. M. 6, p. 182, 17; 3, p. 137, 40; Arn. 2, p. 73.—
II. In milit. lang.
A. The beaver, that part of a helmet which covers the mouth and cheeks, παραγναθίς: “bucculas tergere,Liv. 44, 34, 8; Juv. 10, 134; Capitol. Max. Jun. 3; Cod. Th. 10, 22, 1.—
B. Bucculae, two cheeks, one on each side of the channel in which the arrow of the catapulta was placed, Vitr. 10, 15, 3.
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