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cresco , crēvi, crētum, 3 (
I.inf. perf. sync. cresse, Lucr. 3, 683), v. inch. n. [1. creo].
I. Orig., of things not previously in existence, to come forth, grow, to arise, spring, be born, become visible, appear (so mostly poet.)
B. Trop.: “haec villa inter manus meas crevit,Sen. Ep. 12, 1: “ingens hic terris crescit labor,Sil. 3, 75.—Far more freq.,
II. Of things already in existence, to rise in height, to rise, grow, grow up, thrive, increase, etc.
2. Transf., to increase in number to, augment, multiply: “non mihi absenti crevisse amicos,Cic. Sest. 32, 69 (B. and K. ex conj. decrevisse): “adhuc crescentibus annis,Ov. A. A. 1, 61.—
B. Trop.
2. In partic., to rise or increase in distinction, honor, courage, etc., to be promoted or advanced, to prosper, to become great, attain honor: “accusarem alios potius, ex quibus possem crescere,Cic. Rosc. Am. 30, 83: “ex invidiā senatoriā,id. Clu. 28, 77: “ex his,Liv. 29, 37, 17: “ex me,id. 35, 19, 5: “de uno isto, de multis,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 67, § 173: “dignitate, gratiā,Nep. Att. 21, 1; cf. id. ib. 10, 3; and absol.: “crescendi in curiā occasio,Liv. 1, 46, 2: “cresco et exsulto et discussā senectute recalesco, quotiens, etc.,Sen. Ep. 34, 1; cf.: “gaudet et ex nostro crescit maerore Charaxus,Ov. H. 15, 117: “hic uno modo crescere potest, si se ipse summittat, etc.,Plin. Pan. 71, 4.
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