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com-prĕcor (conp- ), ātus, āri, v. dep. (lit. to worship a deity with all the usages belonging thereto; hence, in gen.), pray to, supplicate, implore (mostly ante-class. and rare; not in Cic.); constr. alicui, aliquem, aliquid, or absol.: “Jovi molā salsā,Plaut. Am. 2, 2, 108: “deos,Ter. Ad. 4, 5, 65 and 70: caelestūm fidem, * Cat. 64, 191.— Absol., to pray, supplicate: “abi intro et conprecare,Plaut. Mil. 2, 4, 41: “Cythereïa, comprecor, ausis Assit,Ov. M. 10, 640; 12, 285; 14, 379.—With dat. of pers., to imprecate, wish for a person: “tunc mortem comprecantur sibi,Sen. Ep. 99, 16: “iratum principem alicui,Plin. Ep. 4, 25, 2; so absol., Plin. Pan. 2 fin.
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