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con-crēdo , dĭdi, dĭtum, 3, v. a. (anteclass. form,
I.pres. concrēdŭo , Plaut. Aul. 3, 6, 49; hence perf. concredui, id. Cas. 2, 8, 43; cf. credo), to intrust, consign, commit to, = commendo (class.; very freq. in Plaut.; in Cic. perh. only twice; never in Quint.).
(β). With in and acc.: “capram in custodelam simiae,Plaut. Merc. 2, 1, 9; cf. the foll.—
(γ). Without dat.: “hoc, quod modo concreditumst,Plaut. Poen. 4, 2, 104.—
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