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conspectus , ūs, m. conspicio,
I.a seeing, looking at, a look, sight, view, the range or reach of sight, the power of sceing (freq., and class. in prose and poetry).
2. Pregn., public attention, notice: “subito consilium cepi ut ante quam luceret exirem, ne qui conspectus fieret aut sermo,Cic. Att. 7, 10 init.
II. Meton.
A. Presence, proximity (very freq.; in many connections coinciding with the foregoing, as the phrase venire in conspectum can be translated to come before the eyes or to come near; so also e conspectu fugere, etc.).
1. Of persons: “etsi scio, eis fore meum conspectum invisum hodie,Ter. Hec. 5, 2, 22: “(tibi) cujus prope in conspectu Aegyptus est,Cic. Fam. 1, 7, 5; so, in conspectu, in the presence or vicinity, before the eyes, before the face of, in sight, id. Agr. 1, 3, 7; Caes. B. G. 2, 25 fin.; Liv. 1, 31, 2; Verg. A. 1, 184.—
2. Of inanimate things: “quercus, quae est in oppidi conspectu,Varr. R. R. 1, 7, 6: “procul a conspectu imperii,Cic. Agr. 2, 32, 87: spectet patriam; “in conspectu legum libertatisque moriatur,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 66, § 170.—
B. Appearance (cf. adspectus; “very rare): videamus animi partis, quarum est conspectus inlustrior,Cic. Fin. 5, 18, 48 Madv. ad loc.: “Hieronymus ... primo statim aspectu omnia quam disparia essent ostendit,” i. e. at the first view the public had of him, Liv. 24, 5, 2; 6, 8, 6.—
III. Trop., the mental view, glance, survey, consideration (rare, but in good prose): “quae ponunt in conspectu animi, quae cernere et videre non possumus,Cic. de Or. 3, 40, 161: “et cognitio naturae,id. Leg. 1, 23, 61: “uno in conspectu omnia videre,id. Brut. 4, 15; id. Leg. 3, 5, 12; Quint. 10, 1, 6; 7, 1, 4; Liv. 10, 25, 12: “ut ea ne in conspectu quidem relinquantur,never come into consideration, are scarcely observed, Cic. Fin. 5, 31, 93.—
B. In Gellius concr., like the Gr. σύνοψις, a short view, sketch, synopsis, Gell. 17, 21, 2; 19, 10, 3.
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