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dis-crĕpo , ŭi, 1,
I.v. n., to differ in sound, to sound differently, discordantly, not to harmonize (for syn. cf.: differo, disto, intersum).
B. Transf.: res discrepat, and more freq. impers. discrepat, there is a difference of opinion respecting something (esp. a fact), it is a matter of dispute, it is undecided (opp. convenit): “incidi in rem multum discrepantem auctorum opinionibus,Vell. 1, 7, 2; cf.: “causa latendi discrepat,Ov. F. 6, 572: “cum de legibus conveniret, de latore tantum discreparet,Liv. 3, 31 fin.; cf.: veneno quidem occisum, convenit; “ubi autem discrepat,Suet. Claud. 44; so with rel. clause, Liv. 29, 25, 1: “id, quod haud discrepat,id. 9, 46; cf. Suet. Vit. 2: “nec discrepat, quin dictator eo anno A. Cornelius fuerit,Liv. 8, 40; so with quin, id. 25, 28, 3; cf. Weissenb. ad Liv. 2, 1, 3: “inter scriptores rerum,id. 38, 56: “inter auctores,id. 22, 61; 29, 25.
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