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ē-vălesco , lŭi, 3,
I.v. inch. n., to become strong, increase in strength, to increase, grow (cf.: vix illa, quae παραγόμενα vocant, nobis permittimus, sed hoc feliciter, evaluit, Quint. 8, 6, 32; not ante-Aug.).
II. Trop.
A. In gen.: “adjuta cura natura magis evalescit,Quint. 2, 8, 5; Tac. A. 14, 58 fin.: affectatio quietis in tumultum evaluit, strengthened into, etc., id. H. 1, 80: “indoles naturalis, adjuta praeceptis, evalescit,Sen. Ep. 94, 31.—
2. Transf.
a. In the temp. perf., to have power or ability for any thing, to be able: “ut ne ipsa quidem natura in hoc ita evaluerit, ut non, etc.,Quint. 10, 2, 10: sed non Dardaniae medicari cuspidis ictum Evaluit, * Verg. A. 7, 757; so with a subjectclause, * Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 201; Stat. S. 5, 2, 79; Claud. Cons. Honor. 303; Rapt. Pros. 3, 92. —
b. To be worth in price, Macr. S. 2, 13 fin.
B. In partic., of a word or expression, to prevail, get into vogue: “ita nationis nomen, non gentis evaluisse paulatim,Tac. G. 2 fin.; so Quint. 9, 3, 13.
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