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ex-curro , cŭcurri (Plaut. Most. 2, 1, 12; Liv. 1, 15 et saep.;
I.less freq. curri,Liv. 25, 30), cursum, 3, v. n. and a.
I. Neut., to run out or forth, to hasten forwards.
b. In partic., milit. t. t., to sally forth, to make an excursion or irruption: “sine signis omnibus portis,Liv. 29, 34, 11: “in fines Romanos excucurrerunt populandi magis quam justi more belli,id. 1, 15, 1 Drak. N. cr.: “Carthago excurrere ex Africa videbatur,Cic. Agr. 2, 32, 87: “excursurus cum valida manu fuerat,Just. 13, 5.—
2. Transf., of inanim. or abstr. things.
b. In partic.
(β). In specifications of measure, to be over and above, to exceed (late Lat.; cf. “Krebs, Antibarb. p. 435): decem (auri pondo) et quod excurrit,and something over, Dig. 16, 3, 26: “viginti et quod excurrit annorum pax,of twenty years and upwards, Veg. Mil. 1, 28. —
B. Trop., to run or spread out, to extend, display itself: “campus, in quo excurrere virtus posset,Cic. Mur. 8, 18: quid est, cur insistere orationem malint quam cum sententia pariter excurrere? qs. to keep pace with, id. Or. 51, 170: “ne oratio excurrat longius,to run out to too great length, be prolix, id. de Or. 3, 49, 190: “extra ordinem excurrens tractatio,Quint. 4, 3, 14: “paeone dochmioque, quorum prior in quatuor, secundus in quinque (syllabas) excurrit,id. 9, 4, 79: “praecoces germinationes,Plin. 17, 2, 2, § 16: in hos quoque studiorum secessus excurrit, qs. makes excursions, Quint. 10, 5, 16: “in pericula,Sen. Ben. 2, 34 fin.: “quia in hoc tempus excurrit donationis eventus, quo,extends, Dig. 24, 1, 10: quaedam (in periodo) quasi decurtata ... productiora alia et quasi immoderatius excurrentia, running out, stretched out (the figure being taken from places which run out or project, v. above), Cic. Or. 53, 178.—
(β). To run out, end, terminate, of verses: “in quatuor syllabas,Quint. 9, 4, 79.—
II. Act. (very rare).
A. To run through a place; “trop.: prope jam excurso spatio,Ter. Ad. 5, 4, 6; cf. Lachm. ad Lucr. p. 210.—
B. To pass over, omit something in speaking: “a quo multa improbe sed venuste dicta, ne modum excedam, excurro,Sen. Contr. 5, 34 med., p. 374 Bip.
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