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fĕmur , ŏris or ĭnis (acc. to a nom. ‡ femen, mentioned only by Prisc. p. 701 P. and Serv. Verg. A. 10, 344; 778; nom. femus, Ap. M. 8, p. 216, 15; cf.: μῆρος, femus, Gloss. Lab.; dat. femori; femini only Plin. 28, 15, 61, § 217; abl. usually femore, but femine, Plaut. Mil. 2, 2, 48; Verg. A. 10, 788; plur. femora or femina; dat. feminibus, rarely femoribus), n. etym. dub.; cf. root feo of femina, etc.,
I.the upper part of the thigh, the thigh.
II. Transf.
A. In architecture, the space between the grooves of a triglyph, Vitr. 4, 3.—
B. Femur bubulum, a plant otherwise unknown, Plin. 27, 9, 56, § 81.—
C. Esp., like lumbi, the loins, of ancestry (Eccl. Lat.): “de femore Jacob,Vulg. Ex. 1, 5; id. Gen. 46, 26.
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